Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Five Easy Outfits To Beat The Heat

Happy August! I can't believe it's already the last month of summer and I return to grad school in about three weeks. Ever since July hit, it's been hot, hot, hot and it completely blindsided me. The heat came out of nowhere and the weather jumped from the '70s to the '90s in what seemed like a few days. I work in New York City and the heat is just unbearable there. The subway stations feel like saunas and a short 10-minute walk can feel like a marathon in July and August. To make my days more bearable, I've taken to wearing light, comfortable clothing that is easy to put on and will hopefully reduce sweat. I've come to the realization that what you wear when it's hot out makes a HUGE difference in how you feel and how productive you are. When I'm cool and comfortable, I'm much more likely to get things done versus when I'm overheated and just want to relax. For this very reason, I'm sharing 10 easy outfits to beat the heat with other options you can choose from!

White Dresses
White or any light color is the best choice for summer. You won't feel as hot if you wear a lighter color versus a darker one and white can be styled with everything. In this look, I'm wearing a white dress paired with wedges, a pearl handbag, and black cat-eye sunglasses. White, loose-fitting dresses are especially good in this heat because you'll be able to move freely and comfortably and hopefully, the lighter color won't make you sweat as much.

Flare Dresses
Flare dresses with tiny straps are my favorite type of dress to wear. The straps are very flattering and the style is comfortable because it's not tight and you can move about freely. In this photo, I'm wearing a navy and cherry print spaghetti strap flare dress paired with red tennis sneakers and heart-eye sunglasses. I love simple dresses like this that can easily be accessorized and are light and flowy while riding the subway or walking to work.

Wrap Dresses
I've always loved wearing wrap dresses. The style is very flattering and the material is lightweight. I wear these a lot during summer because they're dressy enough to wear to work but also very comfortable. The side tie is a nice detail and I also love the v-neckline. In this photo, I'm wearing a navy polka-dot dress from Amazon with Amazon red fan earrings.

Midi Skirts 
I know, I know- midi skirts are long. But they are much more comfortable than wearing pants during summer. The midi skirts I own are loose and comfortable and I don't mind wearing them to school or work because my buildings are air-conditioned and I'm cold anyway! You'll get a nice breeze on your legs but you won't be sweating as much as if you were wearing tight pants. In this photo, I'm wearing a floral t-shirt, a floral midi skirt, wedges, and black cat-eye sunglasses. This has been one of my most popular outfits this summer!

Comfortable Shorts 
Wearing shorts during summer is a given, but when it's hot out the last piece of clothing I want to wear is denim. I love the look of denim shorts but they can be tight and uncomfortable to wear in the heart of summer. As an alternative, I usually look for shorts made of linen, seersucker, cotton or other loose materials. There are even shorts made to look like denim but are actually made out of much a different material to give you the same look with a more comfortable feel. In this photo, I'm wearing a pair of pink seersucker shorts, an NYC print tank top, lace-up wedges, chunky gold hoop earrings white, round sunglasses, a gold watch and a straw bag. 

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you found some outfit inspiration in this post to help you survive the rest of the summer. 

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  1. I love all of your outfits! The weather here in MA has been so hot also - it's gross and humid! Comfortable shorts are always my go-to also!
    - meg |