Saturday, June 1, 2019

4th of July Ready With Wooden Ships

Happy Saturday! Now that it's finally June, we're one step closer to my favorite holiday, the 4th of July. I absolutely love everything about summer and the 4th of July. Pretty fireworks, backyard BBQs with friends and family, and red, white and blue outfits. Speaking of red, white and blue outfits, I'm so excited to partner with Wooden Ships today to bring you a festive look that you can style for the upcoming holiday. I'm a huge fan of stripes and anything nautical because I grew up in Connecticut, so this sweater is the perfect fit for me. Wooden Ships sells the perfect chunky sweaters that will remind you of the ones you wore growing up.  I love how it looks paired with high-waisted jean shorts, but you can also style it with pants and skirts or easily throw it over a dress! The material is light-weight and comfortable, which is ideal for summer days at the beach and the off-the-shoulder look. 

Wooden Ships is an NYC-based family-run sweater company founded in 1992 by Colombian-born fashion designer Paola Buendía and her husband Mark Donovan. They also have locations in Australia and Canada. The inspiration for their company comes from a two-month trip to Bali, where they found a community of travelers and natives who spend their time creating art, fashion, and architecture to name a few. The founders were also inspired by the authenticity of real wooden ships and the song Wooden Ships by Crosby, Stills and Nash. 
My favorite thing about Wooden Ships is their dedication to ethical sourcing and production. They only produce clothing as it's ordered so there's no waste or overflow. They have a company based in Bali under their control, and they support fair wages, conditions, training, and opportunities for growth within the company. They also encourage female empowerment and over 60% of their knitters are women. As of 2017, their factory is over 85% solar powered. Wooden Ships recycles all materials and is aiming to become a paperless office and ship products by sea. And they use eco-friendly, degradable packaging. 

The founders also donate to great causes like Earth Justice, International Anti-Poaching Agency, Environmental Defense Fund and others. And they raised $1 million in collaboration with Avaaz, a global activist non-profit to help save Bornean Orangutans and the Indonesian rainforest. 

You will be the best dressed at the beach in this sweater for sure! Thanks so much for reading! Make sure to check out Wooden Ships for your 4th of July outfit and for future sweater needs. 

*Post sponsored by Wooden Ships. All opinions are my own. 

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