Monday, May 6, 2019

10 Affordable White Dresses to Buy For Summer

Happy May! We're so close to summer now, and I can't wait to break out all the whites. I received a request yesterday to write a post about summer dresses and I immediately thought of white. I finish my second semester of grad school in less than a month, and I've been daydreaming of the days when I can break out a comfortable white dress without having to give my outfit much thought. I love how clean and simple white dresses are and how easy they are to accessorize. I usually go with gold accessories or a little color that will pop against the white background. I also love pairing white with a denim jacket or a darker colored jacket. No matter what style you identify with, white is a versatile staple that belongs in every closet. 

I combed through a few of my favorite websites like J.Crew Factory, H &M and Abercrombie to bring you summer style at an affordable price. I hate when I'm reading a blog post and I love the clothing included in the product collage only to find that the item is $100 or more. Expensive prices are not realistic for most of my followers and I'd much rather link items that are in everyone's budget!

I chose simple styles that you can wear to graduation or to a casual party with friends. I find that I get the most use out of simple items that I can style a variety of ways and wear to multiple functions. Since there aren't any colors, prints or details on these dresses, you can wear them all the time and people would hardly notice. 

As always, you can find all of these dresses linked down below to shop! 

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  1. I love that all these dresses are so affordable - I always click on links on fashion blogs only to be brought to a $298 dress... I just can't justify that kind of money on one dress haha!! have a great week!!
    - meg |