Monday, April 1, 2019

Why Blush Pink is My New Favorite Color And 10 Blush Items to Buy Now

Now that it's spring, I've worn blush pink on repeat. I'm into a neutral color scheme lately, and I love femme outfits that incorporate soft shades of pink. If you follow me on Instagram all of my latest outfits incorporate blush in some shape or form. Pink is my favorite color and always has been but transitioning into blush is new to me. I used to be a huge fan of hot pink and bright colors but lately, I've adopted a more sophisticated, mature look. I think we all reach that point in time where we've outgrown some of the clothing pieces or styles we used to wear and I've definitely experienced that this year. Now that I'm in grad school and plan to work soon in New York City, it's more practical for me to adopt a simple wardrobe that I can wear to professional occasions, with a little flair of course. 
I've seen bloggers I follow go through complete style transformations and while I'm not planning on completely altering my wardrobe, I am planning to shift to more simple styles and basic pieces that I can style effortlessly. No, I don't plan on wearing only black and white. I still love color, but I don't see myself wearing vibrant Lilly Pulitzer prints or preppy t-shirts like I have in the past. I'm very into Julia Engel's girly style and I like classic pieces that look sophisticated so this is where I envision my style going. 

Wearing blush allows me to stick to my pink roots but in a more versatile, relaxed manner. When I think of femininity, I immediately associate it with lighter shades of pink. Originally, I thought I was going to have a hard time letting go of my bright pink clothing or find lighter items that I liked enough to wear on a daily basis, but neither of these things happened. I'm slowly beginning to donate or sell clothing pieces that no longer inspire me, and I spend hours upon hours scrolling through Pinterest (But who doesn't?!) for new outfits to put together incorporating this color. I also didn't realize how much blush pink I already owned! My favorite trench coat from Amazon is actually blush pink, and I've owned it for at least two years. 

Blush is the perfect shade of pink to wear all year. I love pink, but I usually wear it more frequently during the summer. Blush, however, is easy to style all year long and I can see myself incorporating more lighter shades of pink in the fall and winter now too. I recently purchased a scarf from LOFT, and I've styled it non-stop through the end of the winter season this year! I also love how blush looks with my accessories like the pearl hair clips from Amazon and my KJP jewelry. 

All of my recent blush picks are linked down below for you to shop! 

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  1. I! love! blush!! such a pretty color and perfect for spring!!
    - meg |