Monday, April 22, 2019

A Letter to Graduating Seniors

Senior formal last year with my bff! 
Around this time last year, I was preparing myself to graduate from college and enter adulthood. Suddenly, the four years I had spent studying and anticipating this moment arrived out of nowhere. It's a bittersweet feeling. On the one hand, I was happy to finish up my undergraduate studies and leave my dorm, drama and early classes behind, but on the other hand, I was comfortable in my routine and I knew I would miss seeing my friends every day. There's also a lot of things to stress about during this time that contributed to the uncertainty I felt. I had to plan for senior week and senior formal, pack up my dorm room, hand in final assignments, find a dress for my graduation ceremony and so on. I think I got so wrapped up in all of the little tasks I had to finish that I didn't take the time to stop and appreciate what I had while I still had it. If you're graduating this year, whether it's from high school or college, I invite you to take a moment and reflect on where you are right now in life and how thankful you are for the people and opportunities around you. And here are a few things to keep in mind while you're still present in the moment at your current school. 

Don't Let Finals Consume You
During high school and college, I was a perfectionist. I would wake up super early to study and stay awake as late as I needed to until I knew the material by heart. I spent the majority of my free time on the weekends getting ahead on assignments and I occasionally turned down plans if I felt too overwhelmed with work. Finals week only heightened my stress and perfectionist study methods. I know finals are stressful and time-consuming, but don't let tests or papers ruin the end of your senior year. Make plans with your friends and spend time outside on your campus while you still can. 

No Drama About Dances 
I've noticed that anytime a dance or formal is involved, there's drama. There's drama over who's wearing which dress to prom and who's sitting with who at formal. Be thankful for your friends and be willing to compromise. Dances and formals are supposed to be fun and not stressful. Don't get so consumed in what you're wearing or who you're taking pictures with that you forget to enjoy yourself. Trust me, these are some of the last chances you will have to attend a dance like this with all of your friends at once. 

Experience Your College Town
I'll be honest, I spent the majority of my senior year hating the town my college is in. I found it boring and there wasn't much to do that interested me. I did go to school on a beautiful campus in the Hudson Valley though and there were plenty of restaurants, hiking trails and little shops to check out once I actually gave it a chance. I'm definitely a city person but looking back, I wish I had appreciated it a little more because it was the last time I lived in a relaxed atmosphere. Even if your college town isn't your ideal setting, just remember that it's only four years and it is what you make of it. 

Spend As Much Time With Friends As Possible 
This will be the last time you will be living with all of your friends (unless you all happen to move in together after graduation, which is highly unlikely from my experience). This will be the last time you can show up at their dorm or apartment spur of the moment to watch a movie, have a sleepover or go out to a party together. Life gets hectic after graduation, and everyone is pulled in different directions so take every possible opportunity to spend these last few weeks with the people you're closest with. 

Thank Your Favorite Teachers/Professors
During my college experience, I had a few great professors that really stood out to me and made a difference in my life. Thank these people for all the help and guidance they provided you during your four years and stay in touch with them from time to time if you can. They're still willing to help you even after you graduate. 

You Will Find a Job
Finding a job is the most stressful thing about graduating. I had committed to a grad school before school ended so I had my plans in place but most of my peers were still job searching. Finding a job can be extremely challenging but the right position will eventually fall into place. 

Get Rid of Unnecessary Junk 
I was a pack rat during college. I brought over 13 pairs of shoes to college, more than four bins of clothing and countless amounts of accessories and dorm decorations. By the end of my four years, I realized there was no way I could take all of it home with me. Get rid of what you don't need! If you've had the same rug, bedding and shower mat for the past four years, chances are you will not need them after college. Recycle old papers and notebooks, donate old clothes and either throw out or give away old decorations that you will no longer use. 

Be at Peace With Yourself 
I never let things go. If I did something that made myself look stupid I will hold it over my head for months instead of accepting that I'm only human and we all make mistakes. It's okay if you tripped in the dining hall in front of the entire hockey team (Yes, I really did this 🤣), it's okay if you forgot the words to your project presentation in front of the whole class and it's okay if some friendships didn't work out. 

Let Go Of Toxic People 
I can't stress this tip enough. There are some people you meet with during high school or college that aren't meant to transition into the next phase of life. People that cause drama, degrade you, or have no personality... leave them in the past where they belong. 

Take Chances 
Do something you've never done before in your last few weeks. Try out a new restaurant you meant to go to all year, attend a party even if it scares you, tell the boy you've been crushing on that you like him. Get out of your comfort zone and take risks before graduating and living with regrets! 

My grad cap! 
If you're stressing right now, I promise you that everything is going to be okay. It may feel like the end right now, but better things and new adventures are right around the corner. This post isn't so much a letter as it is a listicle of tips, but I hope they are helpful to those graduating soon! Good luck and feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns about graduating and life afterward. 


  1. I love this so much. Though I'm only a freshman in high school, I feel that most of these carry over to ending the school year in any grade. Have a great week!
    - meg |

  2. This is such great advice! Love what you said about taking chances!

    -Sasha (