Monday, April 29, 2019

10 Spring Accessory Trends You Need to Try

The weather is finally starting to reach consistent warm temperatures now, and I can actually bring myself to shop for spring and summer clothes without feeling ridiculous 🤣. As each new season emerges, I love identifying the new or reoccurring trends that follow along and make them my own. Fashion is a form of art and expression and I love how each person has the opportunity to create their own looks even if they are styling a piece of clothing that is owned by other people. One of my latest interests is adding a trendy twist to some of my favorite classic outfits. You will most likely never catch me wearing a snakeskin top or a neon green skirt but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy seeing them on other people or adding a subtle twist to my own looks! I've found the items included in this post on Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube (and in real life too) so I know they're popular among a wide variety of people. Check out some of my favorites! 
1. Straw Bags
I love the straw bag trend and I personally own four different ones (and I'm still planning on getting another, oops.) I noticed this trend explode on social media last spring, and it retained its popularity among bloggers this year too. My favorite is the round rattan straw bag which I've searched high and low for this year. I think it will look cute paired with summer dresses and sandals and I love how neutral all of these bags are. I linked all of my favorites including my $20 bag from Shein that I recently purchased! 

2. Hermés Sandal Dupes 
I love the look of these sandals but not the price. I love Hérmes just as much as the next person but the price is not reasonable for the majority of us. However, Steve Madden and Forever 21 have great dupes so you can get the style without breaking the bank. I own the Forever 21 pair and they were my favorite sandals last spring. I don't know why it took me so long to own a pair of brown sandals but they match with everything!

3. Hair Scarves
Hair scarves are not solely restricted to spring, but I love the floral and pastel ones the most so I've included them in my list. Hair scarves add a fun flair to the classic ponytail or braid and you can match them to your outfits. Some of them come with scrunchies attached, so they're easy to wear.

4. Chunky Gold Hoops 
I wasn't a fan of hoop earrings for the longest time because I always had this fear that my earlobes were going to rip while wearing them but I'm over that now. The chunky gold ones particularly appeal to me, and I've seen them frequently worn by bloggers on Instagram all season so I had to try out a pair for myself. Chunky hoops are a fun accessory to dress up a basic outfit or add a trendy piece to a formal one.

5. Hair Clips
If you've been following me on Instagram for a while now then you've probably seen me style pearl hair clips quite often. I love this feminine trend that simultaneously feels like a blast from the past. I found a pair on Amazon that only costs about $3 so they're a major steal!

6. Vince Camuto Wedges 
I don't own these yet, but they're definitely on my list. This is the most expensive item on my list, but I've occasionally seen them go on sale at places like DSW so I would recommend waiting to buy these. They are a steal compared to the original Chloé pair going for over $200. I love the floral details and the shade of brown these come in! 

7. Lace-up Espadrilles
I love the Soludos lace-up espadrilles but they're at least $100. This year, I found a dupe on Asos for only $48! I love the way Julia Engel styles these and I wanted my own pair to wear with my dresses or wide-leg jeans.

8. Pearl Purses 
I love these! They're so feminine and remind me of my childhood days when I would play dress-up. Most of the pearl purses are on the expensive side, but I found three options that are affordable and still make a great accessory for a fancy event or trendy twist on a classic outfit. 

9. Chunky Headbands
Headbands are one of my favorite accessories because they make me feel like Blair Waldorf. Chunky velvet and knotted headbands are in style this spring, and I'm here for this trend. Headbands easily add a classy touch to any outfit.

10. Oversized Earrings
Big earrings are a great statement piece of jewelry. You can wear them with anything from a turtleneck sweater to a low v-neck tank top, and they'll look cute with both tops. Some of my favorites are the flower earrings I frequently wear in my Instagram photos, tortoise shell hoops and hoops with pearls.

Thanks so much for reading! 


  1. I LOVE all these trends!! Hair scarves are so, so cute, I've been meaning to get and wear one!
    - meg |

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