Monday, March 4, 2019

5 Fun NYC Street Art Locations

Happy Monday! The weekend went by wayyyy too fast but I happened to have a snow day today so it gave me time to catch up on a little blogging. You've all seemed to enjoy my recent NYC content and that makes me really happy because I love sharing my experiences in the city with you all. I'm going to continue city content today with a little post about the fun color walls I've visited or discovered so far! One of the best things about the city is all of the photo opportunities. The street art is incredible, and you can find it just about everywhere in the city. I love a pop of color on a dark, snowy day (which is when I took these photos actually) because they brighten up the scene and the outfit you're wearing. Keep in mind that I'm definitely NOT a city expert just yet but I do have a little knowledge about my favorite places that I'm excited to share like these walls. You can never go wrong with a little color! 

World Trade Center Murals
You can find huge murals right by the World Trade Center like the ones I'm standing in front of in these pictures. I think these are actually my favorite ones that I've discovered so far because there were so many different designs to choose from. I liked this spray painted heart wall the best because it matched my accessories but there's also one that looks like a newspaper and one with little people on it. 

SoHo Statue of Liberty 
I did a lot of my reporting here last semester and found a huge wall mural with a Statue of Liberty painted on it that was a lot of fun to take photos in front of. You can find it on Thompson Street! 

Pietro Nolita
This is a cute, healthy Italian restaurant on Elizabeth Street near both Little Italy and SoHo. The building is painted pink and there's a heart mural on the door. I actually haven't made it to this location yet but it's on my list! It's located on 174 Elizabeth Street. 

Love Wall
I've passed by this location, but I'm yet to take a photo here! There's a black wall with rainbow painted hearts located on 192 Mott Street and it's the cutest place. Heart walls always capture my attention because of all the vibrant colors. Wear something neutral, and you're sure to stand out! 

Audrey Hepburn
There's a giant mural of Audrey Hepburn in Little Italy on Mulberry and Broome Street. I'm yet to take a photo in front of this mural too but it's breathtaking! Where are my Breakfast at Tiffany's fans at??

Where are your favorite NYC murals located?? Let me know! And shop my outfit down below 💗

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