Saturday, March 9, 2019

10 Amazon Swimsuits Under $30

This cold weather has me longing for summer sunshine and swimming in my pool. Spring is in less than a month but for some reason March is colder than all of winter combined...And I just really don't understand it. I'm not going on a spring break trip anytime soon, or at all, for that matter, but I can't help but scroll through Amazon every day and browse their wide selection of bathing suits. Amazon truly has it all. I've loved ordering items from this website since I was 14 or 15 and the obsession has only increased as I've gotten older. I ordered two high-waisted bikinis from here last summer and I love them! This style has only increased in popularity overtime and Amazon is the perfect place to stock up on suits AND longingly anticipate summer. 

I never spend a lot of money on swimsuits because I go through them every summer. By the end of August, my suits are usually faded from swimming in my pool or frequent beach trips because I live on the shoreline. Amazon is the perfect place to stock up because all bathing suits are affordable and usually under $30. I was unsure about the high-waisted swimsuit trend at first but now I love it and can't imagine wearing regular bikinis again. I own the black one at the top and a similar style that were popular last year and I've periodically seen them both pop up on my Instagram feed by other bloggers so I have a feeling they'll still be in style this summer too. Personally, I have my eyes set on purchasing the third suit on the top. I'm a huge fan of stripes, and I also love the little pom pom details. 

All of these bathing suits are linked down below for you to shop! 


  1. Ahh I love all of these suits!! Amazon is the best because of their fast shipping lol! I could shop on it all day!
    - MEG |