Saturday, January 26, 2019

Loafer Love

My favorite Eastland Shoe loafers! 
I developed a fond appreciation for the classic, preppy style early on while growing up in Connecticut. I've always lived close to the beach and nautical themes of navy, white, and pastel colors remind me of home. I can't think of a summer where I didn't wear Lilly Pulitzer or J.Crew but I wouldn't have it any other way. By this point in my life, I've traveled to several different places and have attended college in New York, but nothing compares to the trips I'd take with my family all throughout New England. I loved every minute of my time spent in Ogunquit, Newport, Cape Cod, and many other places, and my sense of fashion is heavily influenced by the places I've visited and the state I've lived in my entire life.

When I was little, I spent countless hours reading Nancy Drew books. One of the characteristics about Nancy that always stood out to me was her style. I loved how effortlessly classic she was and the timeless looks she created with her cardigans and penny loafers. During my high school years, I attended private school, and it was mandatory to wear a uniform. Despite the complaints some students may have had about wearing uniforms, I actually loved mine and my appreciation for plaid and loafers was strengthened during this time period in my life. I also started watching Gossip Girl and instantly fell in love with Blair Waldorf's sense of style. I could easily picture myself wearing her headbands, peacoats and loafers.

While college can make or break your current style, my time spent in undergrad only reinforced how much I love classic pieces like loafers. Wearing classics makes me feel like me and I refused to change my style, despite how popular trendy items were becoming, especially to college students. Here and there I would experiment with a trendy piece or two, but my unwavering loyalty to my favorite preppy brands never faltered.

Flash forward to today, and I still find myself choosing to wear loafers and the classic style day after day. My favorite pair of loafers right now are from Eastland Shoe . They are a timeless pair of shoes, great quality and will last me many years. Classic footwear like Eastland Shoe loafers will never lose their appeal to me because they are a wardrobe staple and easy to pair with a variety of outfits.

Check out how I style my loafers in these pictures and shop my outfit down below! I also included several other ways to style loafers.

Other Outfit Ideas:

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