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2018 Recap and Future Goals

Happy January 1st! I'm sitting here writing this in absolute shock that another year has come and gone just like that. Is it just me or do the years seem to go by faster and faster as you get older? This year really feels like it passed in the blink of an eye and now I'm getting ready to start a new one. I know I say this every single year, but it still feels this way to me. Anyway...where to start this post??  There were so many ups and downs for me personally this year but I'm going to do my best to share the highlights with you because this was definitely the most challenging yet rewarding year for me so far. 

2018 started off very stressful for me. I had just finished my last fall semester of college, and I was trying to get my plans together for after graduation in May, which if you know anything about applying to jobs and grad schools, then you know just how stressful this time period is. At this point I was leaning more towards going to grad school because there were skills I still wanted to strengthen before starting a career but the application process was very draining and time consuming and I got overwhelmed veryvery easily during the first few months of the year. 

On the bright side, I had the opportunity to work with Jadelynn Brooke as a college rep during my last semester of college. They are such sweet girls, and I enjoyed my time with them. Although my style has changed and I'm no longer into t-shirts or bright colors, I'm thankful that I had this opportunity and recommend it to younger girls interested in working with a brand and representing a company they love. 

Thankfully around February, my senior capping project (the final project I did in my major) got accepted to a conference and my group and I headed to Las Vegas to present our research! This was by far one of the top moments of my year. I became so close with these two girls, and we're still best friends today. It was also really cool to visit the west coast because I've never been before! 

During February I worked with Lauren James for the first time. Lauren James has always been one of my favorite preppy brands, and it was a lot of fun taking photos in the shirt they sent me. 
Around my spring break in March, I was extremely stressed out again. I was waiting for my acceptance letters to the grad schools I applied to and went in full-on panic mode because I thought I wasn't going to get in anywhere I applied. I could barely sleep or eat during this time because my stress had gotten that bad. By the end of the month, I was accepted into grad schools (Alleviating major stress for me!) and I finally chose one to attend and was thrilled with my choice. 

In April I attended my conference in Las Vegas and it was incredible. By far the best trip I've ever gone on even though I had to present research but quite honestly I'd take this trip over a crazy spring break trip anyday. I got to see the iconic Las Vegas sign, hotelscasinos and more with the best people. 

I also attended grad school orientation in Manhattan and loved the school I chose. I knew in this moment I made the right choice for me personally and could finally enjoy the rest of senior year now that I finalized my after-graduation plans. 

I graduated from college! My graduation was not at all what I anticipated because the ceremony took place outside and it absolutely poured. Although the ceremony was miserable, I'm still very proud of my accomplishments during undergrad and the experiences I had. There were lot of challenging moments for me over the course of my four years in college but by May I really learned who was a true friend to me and the people I wanted in my life after graduation. I will cherish these people forever and am very thankful for them. 

I also attended senior formal in my very first Gal Meets Glam dress! I have a dress from Julia's first collection, and I'm honestly obsessed with it. I look up to her as a fashion role model and it was such an honor to wear one of her dresses and attend formal with my best friends. 

I continued writing for Cliché Magazine this summer and absolutely loved it. I'm forever thankful for this magazine giving me my headstart in fashion writing. I had the chance to interview Tori Gerbig, the founder of Pink Lily Boutique and Ashley Busch, a model and polo player. I also continued working my retail job and while most people hate working retail I don't mind it because I get to work with my cousin who is my best friend so it's lot of fun. 

I went on vacation with my family to the Adirondacks during July, and it was a great bonding experience. Now that my brother and I are getting older and everyone works it's harder to do summer vacations but I'm glad some of my family members found time to go away together. 

I also received a pleasant surprised and was accepted into the Reward Style influencer affiliation program. This has been one of my top blogging goals since I started and I worked very hard all summer and this year as a whole on the blog to get accepted. 

In August I started my first semester of grad school. I'm so thankful for the program I'm in and the people I met, but this was the most stressful semester of my life. I barely slept, cried a lot and had frequent panic attacks but it was all worth it. I learned so much about writing, software, the media and New York City as a whole. 

attended my first New York Fashion Week. I know I mention this in basically every post now but it's the most important memory to me. It was an absolute dream come true and I hope to attend more shows in the future. 

I made my first blogging check! Honestly, this made my whole year. I know blogging isn't a realistic career for me but earning any money doing what I love means so much to me. This has been one of my goals for so long now and I'm so happy I'm finally starting to make money with my side hustle. During October I also started making my first sales from Reward Style.

Not to forget my writing position with College Candy! I joined the influencer program and became a writer for this entertainment outlet. 

Not much happened in November. I celebrated Thanksgiving with my family at home, and I also covered a few events for school like the opening of the Nutella Café in Union Square. 

I finished my first semester of grad school! This was a huge relief for me, and I felt very accomplished. So far I've gotten A's in three out of four classes and I'm still waiting for the last grade but I feel confident about it. I celebrated a great Christmas at home with my family at the end of the month and recently celebrated the new year with my best friends at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. 

I also hit 3,000 followers on Instagram! A small goal of mine but it was still a proud moment of mine as I continue to grow the blog. 

2019 Goals
I'm not going to make a New Year's Resolution List this year unlike in past years because I want to be realistic and not stress myself out trying to achieve it. However, I do have a few goals in mind that I'd like to achieve but it's not the end of the world if they don't happen this year. 

1. Appreciate My Loved Ones More- This year I realized just how thankful I am for the people in my life and I don't want to take that for granted anymore. I definitely want to show people how much I care for them more often. 

2. Improve My Health- This means drinking more water, a new skin-care routine, more sleep and run more frequently because I've always been a runner and it's what I love to do. 

 Try to Stress Less- This is easier said than done but I'm hoping this year I can try to relax more and not get consumed by all of my obligations like I have in the past. 

4. Less Drama-Since graduating college in May I've had absolutely no drama in my life and I love it. My plan is to continue focusing on myself and the people around me who care and not get involved with those who just want to waste my time or cause problems. 

5. Blog More- I realized just how much I love blogging this year and how I want to continue. It's become a destresser for me and something to look forward to every single day. My hope is to write more posts in the future and maybe reach 5,000 followers on Instagram but it's okay if I don't this year at the same time. I think I may also create a YouTube channel because I'd love to grow my followingreach a wider audience, and some products are easier to show on video than in writing. 

6. Land a Fashion Internship- I have to intern this coming summer as a requirement of my grad school program and my goal is to get a fashion writing internship. 

Thank you all so much for reading this post and following along with me this year. Have a happy and healthy 2019! Here are my best nine ✨🍹

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