Friday, January 4, 2019

2018 Favorites and Fads

Today I'm reflecting on items I loved during 2018 and the ones that need to go in my opinion. Each year brings new trends and popular items, especially in the fashion industry and I decided to sit down and really think about the pieces I'm interested in moving forward with in the new year. I think around September I decided that I wasn't entirely satisfied with my style and my wardrobe and I made some changes. I realized how much I love classic preppy pieces in neutral shades of black, brown, cream, gray and colors like navy, maroon, red, olive green and light pink. I don't think you will find me wearing vibrant colors like hot pink anymore--it's just not my style at the moment. Yes, this includes all of the preppy t-shirts I wore in the past and neon Lilly Pulitzer prints. I'm not saying that you won't ever see me in pieces like these again but it just won't be often. They're just not for me anymore. I'm now into pastels and classic pieces that I can style with a variety of items and wear for many years instead of just one or two seasons. I like how my Instagram feed is looking at the moment ,so there's an example of what my style will continue to look like. With this being said, here are some of my personal 2018 favorites and fads.

Kiel James Patrick Pearl Necklace 
I wore this necklace almost everyday during 2018. It's such a classic piece of jewelry that matches all of my clothing, and I love it so much. KJP in general is one of my 2018 favorites if I'm being completely honest. I purchased several items from this brand during the year and received an Adventurer's Timepiece watch for Christmas, which I'm absolutely obsessed with!

L.L. Bean Boots
I know these boots aren't anything new but I still love mine and wear them all the time. In fact, I received a new pair for Christmas because my current pair is starting to look worn out. These are the perfect pair of boots to own during all seasons. Rain, snow, the can take them anywhere, and they always look cute!

J.Crew Bow Sweaters
I remember when I discovered these sweaters at the end of 2017 and wanted one so badly but they were sold out everywhere! Then in January or February I found a cream one online at Nordstrom and just had to have it--and it's been my favorite sweater ever since. I now own one in cream, gray, navy and maroon!

J.Crew Vests
J.Crew has the best quilted vests ever. I own one in almost every color and style them with everything from dresses to jeans. They dress up outfits nicely as an accessory and also keep you warm!

These sandals took me the longest time to get on board with because the look of them didn't always appeal to me but they're honestly one of my favorite sandals now. They're so comfortable and since I have a brown pair they match basically everything.

Cat Eye Sunglasses
I remember how popular the Celine tortoise shell cat eye sunglasses were last year but I didn't want to pay for those because I constantly break my sunglasses by accident. Then, I came across a similar pair from Old Navy and wear them all the time! Favorite shades by far for that sophisticated look.

Navy Longchamp Bag
I've had a black Longchamp bag for the longest time but for my birthday this past year I received a navy one and have used it almost everyday since. Longchamp bags are great quality and simple, timeless bags that match with everything.

Navy Jack Rogers Jellies 
I bought these on a whim during summer because I wanted a pair of navy Jacks and I loved them. I like how they're a jelly material, so they don't get dirty or water stains like the original pairs.

Plaid Scarves
If you follow me on Instagram, then you'll see just how much I wear plaid scarves. I especially loved them during Christmas this year paired with red and green sweaters. Even though the holiday season is over now, I received a few for Christmas that I plan on styling throughout winter.

Part of me may be missing Paris but the other part of me really loves berets as an accessory! I'm still figuring out how to style them but I love how classy they look and all the different colors they come in. I have a red and pink one and I recently purchased a black and cream one.

Denim Skirts 
i'm glad these made a comeback because I wore them all summer. I have one from Abercrombie and one from Forever 21 that I wear on repeat and don't think I will stop doing so anytime soon.

Gingham...everything. Absolutely everything. Pants, tops, dresses, you name it and I probably loved it during 2018.

Cable-knit Sweaters
I've been on the hunt for the perfect cable-knit sweater for the past few winter seasons and I finally found one from J.Crew Factory. The perfect staple sweater for fall and winter!

I'm so glad loafers are popular again. I have a pair I randomly found online from Kmart last year but I currently love the Eastland Shoes brand and Sperry loafers.

Red Lipstick
I'm not very picky when it comes to beauty products because I usually just buy the basics, but I loved wearing red lipstick last year. Red lipstick used to be one of the shades I strayed away from because it was intimidating and I thought it would look bad on me but I was pleasantly surprised.

Bright Colors
By bright I mean hot pink and neon colors. I don't mean every shade of color. I'm just not interested in wearing crazy bright colors anymore so I am shifting to a more neutral, classic wardrobe.

Bell Sleeves
I know bell sleeves are still in style, but I'm not the biggest fan of them. They are very impractical and get in the way of moving my arms or any movement I try to make. You also can't wear a jacket with tops like this because the sleeves don't fit.

Off-the-Shoulder Tops
I like the look of these tops but they also restrict my movement. I find that I can only wear them to take photos in or out to dinner where I'm barely moving. I will probably still wear them on occasion but not as frequently as I have in the past.

Posting t-shirts on the blog hasn't interested me in a long time but I'm still going to include it in this list. T-shirts are nice to lounge around at home in but you will never find me wearing one to take photos in for the blog or out in public in.

Thanks so much for reading! You can shop all of my favorites down below. 

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