Friday, July 20, 2018

Summer Clothing Trends 2018 Overview

Summer of 2018 is experiencing a variety of interesting fashion trends. Anytime I scroll through Instagram or watch Youtube videos from my favorite bloggers, I can't help but notice a few reoccuring clothing pieces or accessories worn by them. I'm usually more of a classic dresser, but sometimes I like to experiment with the current season's trends. Stores like Forever 21, Shein, Romwe and Zaful are afforadable places to purchase trendy clothing you aren't ready to commit to just yet. Check out some of the pieces that stood out to me this summer!

Retro Sunglasses
Sunglasses are such a fun accessory to add to any outfit. I have a classic gold pair of aviators from Rayban, but I've been having more fun experimenting with some of the trendy pairs of shades this summer. Some of my favorites include the oval shaped and cat eye pairs! I'm not sure if these vintage shades are going to stay in style but I actually really like them and will probably continue wearing them anyway.

Photo Credit: Romwe 

Fruit Print Clothing 
I've seen fruit printed clothing in stores as early as April this year. The most common prints are cherries, bananas, lemons and oranges. Personally, I think the cherry print is the cutest design out of the options and I am just dying to purchase an item in this print soon! It looks vintage, especially paired with the retro sunglasses. 

Photo Credit: Forever 21 

Straw Bags
This is another trend that's been going for a few months now but is still just as popular. I wrote a blog post last month about trending straw bags here, but just about every store carries straw bags lately! My favorite is still the Cult Gaia dupe from Amazon. 

Neck/Head Scarves 
These are such a fun, classic accessory! I love how vintage they look. I feel like I'm straight out of an old movie when I wear one along with my retro shades. These are fairly inexpensive and you can purchase them anywhere from Target to J.Crew. I have my eye on this pink one from Shein 

Tube Tops 
Typically, I'm not a fan of strapless tops because I have a small frame. However, I purchased one or two tube tops this summer and completely love them! They are fitted but still comfortable enough to move around in. The shirring details have also been really popular on shirts this summer, and you can get my favorite yellow top from Shein 

These sandals are everywhere this summer. I always see at least one person wearing them when I go somewhere, and I know a variety of different stores that carry dupes of the original Hérmes style. Personally, I own this pair from Forever 21 and love them. They are a great basic sandal and match a lot of my clothing.

I almost don't want to refer to these wedges as a trend because they are such a classic style. I can envision myself wearing brown wedges for a long time, especially as we transition from summer to fall. The original pair are from Marc Fisher, but I love this Target dupe and I have a dupe from T.J. Maxx.

Photo Credit: Target

Statement Earrings 
I've always been a fan of fun statement earrings. They have the ability to dress up any outfit or make certain outfit colors/details stand out. I also enjoy wearing them in place of a necklace with an off-the-shoulder or tube top. This summer, I noticed plastic geometric earrings come back into style along with hoop earrings. I haven't tried the geometric earrings trend out yet, but I purchased a few pairs of small hoop earrings from Forever 21 and actually like them.

Photo Credit: 

Baker Boy Hats 
Baker boy hats are my least favorite trend. Personally, I think these hats look ridiculous, and I can't picture myself wearing this hat anywhere. I've tried one on before and it looks way too large for my head-- an instant no-go for me. However, I have seen many bloggers pull this look off, so kudos to them!

Photo Credit:
Polka Dots 
This is one trend that I'm loving. Polka dots are easy to transition from preppy to trendy so I think I could get good use out of styling this print. I'm happy the vintage look is coming back in style because I think it looks very fun and classic. Some of my favorite pieces include this top and this dress 

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed my overview and thoughts of this summer's trends.



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