Saturday, July 21, 2018

My Thoughts on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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By this point, I've lost track of the amount of posts I've viewed on social media about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. My entire Instagram feed has been nonstop about the sale and it's actually kind of stressful. If you're not aware, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale happens once a year and offers discounts on select clothing, accessories, handbags and more. The sale opens to card holders first and then the general public is allowed access into the sale, which actually just occurred yesterday. Even though the sale's been going for several days, the commotion hasn't stopped.

Personally, I've never shopped the sale before so I never quite understood why bloggers go insane over the deals. I love Nordstrom, but the sale deals aren't cheap by any means. Everything is still expensive, just a lesser expensive price than before. As a college student, it would be nearly impossible for me to spend my paychecks on a variety of Nordstrom items when the majority of them are $50+ even during the sale. I also don't understand why some people are willing to pay large amounts of money for basic pieces. I'm all for quality clothing, but I think it's ridiculous to pay $50+ for a blanket scarf when you can easily go into Macy's, J.Crew Factory etc. and pick up a similar one for $20 or less. I've watched multiple hauls from bloggers who spent hundreds of dollars on the most simple pieces you can easily purchase somewhere else for cheaper and probably for just as good of quality.

I think people just get wrapped up in the excitement of a sale. I know I've fallen victim to this before but it proves to be futile in the long run. Spending large sums of money on items you didn't want or need prior to the sale isn't actually saving you money. It's kind of insane how willing people are to just buy a ton of products only for the sake of buying something during a huge sale. It's fun to receive items in the mail and they may seem like a good deal at the time, but a cheaper price doesn't automatically make a purchase useful.

Not to completely contradict myself, I do think the sale is good for a few purposes. For instance, if you had your eye on a certain item or are in need of some quality pieces, then this sale is for you. However, just shelling out hundreds of dollars on cute items you just discovered today for no reason and that may not appeal to you in a few weeks is a waste of your money. I did a little searching myself and personally couldn't find a lot of items I had my eye on prior to the sale or was willing to spend the money on at this moment, so I will not be shopping the sale.

These are some of the items I liked the best according to style and deal:

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