Sunday, July 29, 2018

Adirondack Adventures

 Last week I traveled with my family to the Adirondack Mountains for a few days. We take a trip here at least once or twice a year and it's become a favorite place of mine. Personally, I enjoy coming here during the summer the most because the weather is a little cooler than in Connecticut and I can swim in the beautiful lakes. I wrote a blog post last year about places to visit while in the Adirondacks so I'm not going to reiterate everything, but I will shed light on new things I discovered and photos of pretty spots!

Dock Views 
The views from the dock were so pretty! Luckily, the weather was nice most of the days I spent here and I was able to take several pretty shots of the lake. 

Big Moose Inn
The first night in town I ate at the Big Moose Inn. I've never eaten here before so it was nice to try a new restaurant while visiting. We ate right by the water and the view here was amazing!

Scenic Boat Ride 
No matter where I am, I absolutely love taking boat rides. I took a scenic boat ride in Old Forge with my family and we were able to cruise along Fourth Lake and see all the rustic homes and wildlife. 

Antique Shopping 
Now that I've visited several times, I've noticed that the Adirondacks have a vibrant antique industry. There aren't a lot of modern stores around in Old Forge, certainly no Forever 21 or J.Crew stores in town to visit. While I love shopping at my favorite clothing stores, I do have a fond appreciation for antiques. Vintage things intrigue me because there's usually a story behind them and I make a point to visit as many antique shops as I can while visiting. I've always loved collecting postcards during my travels, but I've recently begun to add vintage postcards to my collection after my visit here. Cedar Mountain Mercantile and Gifts is my personal favorite place to visit! 

Adirondack Experience Museum
Besides the beautiful mountains and lakes, there is also a lot to learn while visiting the Adirondacks. Museums are another activity I enjoy and there are plenty of those around here. I went to the Adirondack Experience Museum for the first time and loved it. It was a very interactive place that showcased many different time periods in history from the Industrial Period to modern day. It was interesting to look at different style homes, trains, clothing, and learn about the land/wildlife in the Adirondack region. I didn't take many photos while I was here but I do have a few to share. 

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