Friday, May 25, 2018

Summer Blogging Goals

Hello everyone, it's certainly been a while! I'm not going to lie, I've been really sporadic with my blog and Instagram posts lately, but now that it's summer, I'm looking forward to changing this. School let out about a week or two ago and I'm home from college for the summer, which means I finally have more time to dedicate to blogging. 

This past school year felt like the longest one of my life and I was constantly stressed with deadlines and swamped with obligations. I didn't have the time or the motivation to put my heart into blogging. School is a full-time obligation, I had two on-campus jobs and two internships throughout the year that kept me extremely busy, so the blog had to be set aside for a little while. One day, I'm hoping to make a commission from blogging so I can place it before other obligations I have.

As if a busy year wasn't enough, I spent my first week home from college sick. It would have been the nicest week for pictures, but I plan on taking many more outfit photos in the weeks to come. I'm starting to feel better and actually took one photo today and wrote this post!

My biggest summer goal (besides cleaning out my closet haha) is improving my blog. I noticed that I post a lot of t-shirts on my blog, and while I love a good tee from time to time, I rarely ever wear t-shirts outside of the house. I am someone who enjoys putting on a nice outfit and getting dressed up for no reason, so I don't always feel like my blog accurately represents my style. This is why I plan on ending my role as a brand representative for the companies I rep for. I have enjoyed working with each and every brand and am thankful for their generosity, but I want to take my blog in a different direction. I would like to appeal to a variety of audiences instead of restricting myself to one style or audience.

As far as improvements go, I am working on changing my social media usernames, changing/purchasing a domain, purchasing a theme, creating a new logo and signature, and eventually getting accepted into the Reward Style program. These are some changes to look forward to!

Sorry this post was all over the place and thanks for reading if you do!


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