Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Current Summer Dupe Picks

Hi everyone! Dupes are a great way to achieve the style you want without breaking the bank, and looking for designer dupes is a recent interest of mine. I've taken notice of several good dupes after browsing through Instagram and different websites in the past few weeks. While I'm sure there are many dupes out there, these are the ones that have caught my eye recently. Check them out down below!

I came across these Jack Rogers dupes while shopping at my local mall last week. I'm not usually a fan of knock-off Jacks, but I have to admit these look almost identical and only cost $14. I purchased a pair in black because I am in need of a black sandal but didn't feel like spending the money on real ones. I'm excited to try these out! 

Photo Credit: Hot Cakes 

These Forever 21 slides are a dupe for the Steve Madden and Hermés pairs. They're only about $12 compared to the $60 Steve Madden pair or the $700 Hermés pair. I purchased these recently and I think they'll be a nice neutral sandal for summer and early fall. 

Photo Credit: Forever 21

These sneakers from Target are a dupe for the Steve Madden ones. The Steve Madden pair costs around $60 while the Target pair only costs $25. Black slip on sneakers easily became a staple piece for me during the fall and winter because they are a great transition shoe and very comfortable. 

Photo Credit: Steve Madden

When I first found this Amazon bag on Instagram, I was skeptical about it. I wasn't sure if it would be useful or look right with my outfits but I've come to love it. I find myself using it as a staple bag and it is ideal to throw my belongings in during the summer. This Amazon bag is $39 versus the Cult Gaia bag that retails for $150-$200. 

Photo Credit: Amazon

I came across this dress on Shein recently and it looks exactly like the KJP striped dress. I own the KJP one and there isn't much of a different just by looking at the two of them, although the KJP one is definitely of a higher quality. For $11, the Shein dress can't be beat. 

Photo Credit: Shein 
When I first came across this dress on Instagram, I absolutely loved it. However, I didn't love the $70+ dollars it would cost to own this piece from Shopbop. While browsing through Shein the other day, I came across this exact replica for only $33! I'll be purchasing this dress in the next couple of weeks to save for spring next year.

Photo Credit: Shein

Open Back Criss Cross Striped Panel Dress
Yet another dupe from Shein, but this dress is a great alternative to the Alivia Dress from Lilly Pulitzer! The top is white lace and the bottom is seersucker similar to the one from Lilly!

Photo Credit: Shein

Women's Emery Espadrille Sandals 
This wedge style has been very popular this season. This pair from Target is a great dupe for the original pair by Marc Fisher.  The Target pair is only $33 compared to the Marc Fisher pair that retails for $150.

Photo Credit: Target

If you come across other dupes, feel free to let me know in the comments or on Instagram! I plan on adding to this post throughout the summer. Thanks for reading! 


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