Thursday, April 12, 2018

Life Lately- Las Vegas Trip

Hello again! I'm back with another "Life Lately" post. While I planned on making this series scarce, I took a trip to Las Vegas recently that I must share! This was my first time visiting and I really enjoyed my trip here.

I know what you're probably thinking. Why is this girl visiting Las Vegas in the middle of April? What about school? This trip was actually for school! At my college, I was required to take a research course in the fall for communications, and my professor submitted my group's project to the Broadcast Education Association Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. In early February, we learned that our project was accepted into the conference and we made plans in March to officially attend.

Our project was on Instagram influencers and how they rise to power. We focused on buyer behavior and the credibility consumers associate with the influencers they follow. We chose to focus on Instagram because we are all avid users of the app and enjoy following influencers. This topic was definitely fitting for me since I run my own blog! While some research courses may get a bad reputation for being boring, I really enjoyed this course. I learned a lot about a topic I am passionate about and can apply this research in my own life. Interestingly enough, most of the people we surveyed did not find influencers to be credible sources and did not automatically purchase products from their Instagram pages.

 Since I attend college in New York, we flew from John F. Kennedy airport to McCarran airport in Las Vegas. The flight was around 5 hours and went by really fast! I actually enjoy taking airplane rides so I did not mind the distance. It was really cool viewing the mountains from the plane since I did not have the chance to visit them while I was there!

After we arrived, we headed straight for our hotel, The Mirage. This hotel was absolutely beautiful and right on the Las Vegas Strip! All of the buildings in Las Vegas are extremely elaborate and nothing like I've ever seen before. Our hotel had huge fountains, dolphin statues and tons of greenery! It was complete with several restaurants, a casino, a pool, spa and real dolphins! The view from the room I stayed in was my favorite part. You could see the entire Strip from the window and it looked beautiful all lit up at night. The mountains were also visible in the background.

I especially enjoyed my breakfast at The Pantry! It was one of the cutest restaurants I experienced on my trip. It was quaint and had a diner feel to it. I ordered an omelette here and that was a very good choice. The aesthetic was great too- such cute mugs and mason jars on every table!

One of the first things we did was explore the Strip. There is so much to see here from hotels to shops. Caesar's Palace and The Venetian were two of my favorite hotels. They were unlike other hotels you usually find in a city. Caesar's Palace had elaborate statues and high-end stores like Chanel, Gucci, Valentino, etc. I love shopping and looking in expensive stores so I enjoyed this. The Venetian has gondola rides and it felt like I was actually in Italy! We also ate at one of the restaurants here and I had the best Asian salad.

My friends were also able to experience IN-N-Out for the first time since we do not have any of these on the East Coast. Although I didn't eat here since I don't eat burgers, I did choose to get food from a sushi place! I got a poke bowl and it was abolutely delicious. Even if you are a picky eater like me, there are a ton of great places to eat on the Strip.

Another highlight was going on the Highroller, the world's tallest ferris wheel! I've been on the London Eye before but I had no idea that this ferris wheel is even higher. The views were incredible and I took a lot of pictures of the city with my camera while we were on the ride.

 On our way to the Fashion Show Mall, we also made sure to see the Paris Hotel, which has the Eiffel Tower and the globe. I loved Paris when I visited over the summer so this was a cool experience for me. This mall was amazing! I was pleasantly surprised by the Forever 21. It was the most organized and clean Forever 21 I have ever been in. Although I usually do not find much that I like here, I actually bought a few things, which I linked here, here, here, and here!

The highlight of the trip was visiting the Las Vegas sign! I have always wanted to take a picture in front of this sign and it was unreal seeing it in person. Lucky for us, it was located at the end of the Strip so it didn't take very long to get here!

Our presentation was actually on the last day of our trip. We presented our research on a television screen to a room of people but it was a very relaxed presentation. Several professors complimented our work and told us they thought we were graduate students instead of undergraduates! This was undoubtly the best trip I've taken and I'm forever thankful for the experience.

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