Friday, March 2, 2018

Spring Formal 2018 Picks

As spring approaches, formal season does too! Whether you are a senior graduating from high school or college, or you are attending a dance for a club or team you are involved with, choosing the perfect dress is a must. From past experience, choosing the ideal dress is more challenging than it appears to be, and it can take some time before finally coming across your dress of choice. Formal season a bit different from prom because the dresses are usually shorter, although you should feel free to wear whichever style dress makes you feel the most comfortable. Here are some of my top picks for spring formal season 2018. 

This is probably my favorite dress e v e r. It is classic and timeless and pink (of course!). I have always been a huge fan of Lauren James because her designs are simple, yet elegant and that is what I usually search for in a dress. The bow detailing on the back is the best part of this dress! While she has several other beautiful styles to choose from, the open back with the huge bow is the one I am probably going to wear to my spring formal this year! 

Photo Credit: Lauren James

Yes, another pink dress, but this is another one of my recent favorites. I included this dress in my Spring Wishlist post, and it is definitely still on my radar. Another simple, yet elegant dress that caught my eye for the pale blush color and the off-the-shoulder style! It reminds me of a modern-day Sandy look and I think pairing it with a pearl statement necklace or Kendra Scott earrings would be a cute look. If you aren't a fan of pink, it also comes in red or black! 

Photo Credit: Shein 

Scallped dresses are another elegant option for a formal. The scalloped detailing adds a little flare to an otherwise simple shift dress. While I chose to picture the lilac dress because it is a pretty spring color, it also comes in pink, black, blue, cream, maroon, and more! Pair this dress with a statement necklace and matching earrings for a pretty look. 

Photo Credit: Tobi 

Currently, Lilly sells this dress in white and in patterns. I think they would both make cute formal dress options! I love the lace detailing around the neckline and the material is very comfortable. Since the neckline is so detailed, you don't even have to wear a necklace! A pair of earrings and some fun arm candy will look nicely. 

Photo Credit: Lilly Pulitzer 

Since purple is a trending color, I included another purple dress in this post! I love the open back and the lace detailing. It's a very elegant dress but it's simple at the same time. Per usual, I would pair this with a statement necklace or statement earrings. 

Photo Credit: Francesca's 

You can't go wrong with a classic navy dress. Surprisingly, navy is one of the best dress colors because you pair it with any accessories. Whether you want to wear your favorite pink or gold jewelry, navy dresses look elegant with everything. The v-neck cut and the pleats are a nice touch!

Photo Credit: Nordstrom 

I love absolutely everything about this dress. From the jeweled choker neck to the bell sleeves, this dress is the perfect combination of trendy and elegant. The soft blush color will look nicely in the spring, especially if you are not necessarily a pink or purple person. 

Photo Credit: Nordstrom 

It's hard not to include 100 blush dresses when it's such a beautiful color and on trend this season. This is another one of my favorites that I came across while searching on Nordstrom. I love how the sparkly overlay on the blush color because it will look perfect paired with silver or gold jewelry! 

Photo Credit: Nordstrom 

Since lace is another popular trend this season, here is yet another one of my favorites! This dress from Altar'd State is adorable and can easily be dressed up or down with a variety of accessories. In the picture, the model paired it with a pearl necklace, which is one option and a stament necklace is another. White will also be nice to transition into the summer with. 

Photo Credit: Altar'd State 

I like this dress because it's not exactly pink or purple. It's more of a mauve color and I think it could be a good transition piece into spring or fall. Although I do not own much, I am a fan of the slip dress trend and would like to eventually own something like this! The deep v-neck is an attractive feature that would work well with dangly earrings. 

Photo Credit: Tobi 

Happy formal dress shopping! Thanks for reading! 



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