Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Valentine's Day Plans

February is flying by, and Valentine's Day is almost here! With exactly one week until the big day, have you confirmed your plans? If not, there is no need to panic. Deciding what you want to do or where to go is usually the trickiest part about planning for any event, especially Valentine's Day. Whether you are going on a date with your significant other or just want to stay in and spend the day with friends, planning is key to celebrating the holiday in style! Check out my recommendations down below for a fun-filled day. 

Make Dinner Reservations 
This one is a given, however, it can be the perfect excuse to try somewhere new. If you and your significant other frequent the same restaurants on your dates, then this is the day to try the new restaurant that just opened on the other side of town! Do not be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone and test out a new location because it may prove to be a great decision and make for a special night. If you are planning on spending the day with friends, dinner reservations are still a fun idea. Maybe today is the day you try a new dish at your favorite restaurant or order a variety of appetizers with your friends to share. 

Do Something Adventurous
Depending on what you and your significant other or friends enjoy, Valentine's Day could be the day to get adventurous. Indoor rock-climbing, trampoline parks, or ice-skating on a frozen pond are just a handful of suggestions. Other fun ideas include: lazer-tag, arcade, bowling, roller-skating, aquarium, zoo. 

Get Creative 
For the creative people, attending an art class or baking together may be the best option. Fun activities such as pottery, painting, photography, etc. are great activities to bond over with a significant other or friends. Even if you go out to a restaurant for dinner, baking brownies or a festive cake together is a simple way to relax afterwards. 

Even if cooking isn't your specialty, it can still be an enjoyable activity to do with a significant other of friends. Whether you make something simple that you all enjoy or an extravagant dish to honor the holiday, cooking is a nice way to relax and celebrate.

Going to the movies or staying in and having a movie marathon are both good options. There are always a variety of new movies released around Valentine's Day to choose from, and if you plan on staying in, Netflix or Comcast On-Demand are other great ideas! What better time to start a new show or movie?

This one may be a little difficult if you didn't plan for it, but a concert is another fun option! Sometimes, depending on the concert, you can still find tickets close to the event if you're lucky. Attending a show held by a band or a singer you and your loved ones are passionate about is ideal.

Food/Drink Tasting
Food or drink tastings are always a lot of fun! New York City usually holds a variety of different ones such as a chocolate tasting that could be a great event for Valentine's Day!

Game Night 
Do you love playing board games? If you do, this could be a great event for the night! If there are a few games you and your friends or significant other enjoy playing, challenge each other to some games and share a little laughter.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!


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