Monday, February 19, 2018

New York Fashion Week Favorites

New York Fashion Week is one of my favorite times of year! I love viewing all of the different fashion collections as a preview of the trends that are going to dominate the upcoming season. While most of the collections tend to be more on the exquisite side, there are usually a few collections that appeal to me or at least certain pieces that I can picture myself wearing. Here are some of my favorite collections and pieces from the course of February 8-16th.

Tory Burch 
Tory Burch's collection was one of my favorites by far. Although it definitely looks a little more spring than fall, I love some of the pieces she had the models wear. The white outfit worn in the first photo is especially one of my favorite pieces. White lace never seems to go out of style and now there appears to be different variations for every season. Faux-fur is another trend that we have been seeing a lot of this year.
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Michael Kors 
The Michael Kors collection was another one of my personal favorites. I loved all of the pastel colors used, especially this lavender purple. Purple is a trending color worn during a variety of seasons now! I also love this trench coat in the second photo. The trench coat worn in the second photo is another popular piece coming back in style.

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Oscar de la Renta 
When I came across this dress, I immediately loved it. It is so elegant and would be ideal for a fancy ball, prom, or wedding. Pea coats are also making a comeback and I like the length of this one.

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Alexander Wang 
Alexander Wang's collection took on shades of black and white. I thought it was interesting how his collection used a lot of zippers but it adds a neat detail. I also love the pop of pink, and I can picture myself wearing that.

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Cushnie et Ochs 
Both of these looks are very fancy and unique, but I think there are elements of these styles that can be easily replicated. Asymmetrical necklines are in, which is the style the pink outfit takes on. I just love bright pink lately and I saw it all across different runway collections. Mesh is another popular fabric that I have been wanting to try, and I like how this top has mesh and regular black fabric on it.
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Adam Lippes 
Both of these dresses look somewhat translucent and fairy-like. They remind me of the Renaissance time period and I love the fabric used to make them. Most of Lippes' collection included dresses but these two were easily some of my favorites.

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Brandon Maxwell
Denim is a huge trend right now, and I love the way this outfit is styled. The turtleneck underneather the denim jacket completes the look in my opinion! I also really love the skirt Gigi Hadid is wearing in the second picture. It reminds me of something Cinderella or another princess would wear!

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