Tuesday, January 16, 2018

My Experience As a Brand Representative

As a brand representative, I am aware of the stigma that accompanies this title. I have often heard or seen the general masses of people state that bloggers simply receive "free stuff." Despite what these people may believe, it is not as simple as receiving free products in the mail. Not only are there guidelines to follow, but your passion for the brand has to be evident in your posts. To me, representing a company is all about passion and dedication, NOT the free stuff. After all, if you are not genuinely passionate about the brand you are representing, than why did you become a rep in the first place?

Yes, once you become a brand rep you receive a discount code that you can share with your friends and followers, and some companies also send products free of charge, but the quality of your posts should remain the same regardless of this title or not. From my experience, part of the reason certain brands may have noticed me is the quality of my posts. Most of my posts pictured me wearing some of my favorite clothing and sharing it with the brand it was from. Brands like to see happy, creative posts with their products and that is what catches their attention. Sure, the free merchandise is nice and may increase the amount of items I picture in my posts, but genuine interest in the company is what is going to make the most difference when applying for a brand rep position.

This past summer and first semester, I had the pleasure of becoming a brand representative for several
companies. Becoming a brand representative has always been a major goal for me, and once I started blogging about a year ago, my dream was finally put into perspective. Through my experience, I found that most companies are very supportive of bloggers. Most companies are also more than willing to repost blogger content and send them free products in exchange for the blogger's enthusiasm for the brand and their dedication to posting quality content. Regardless of the products, I enjoy posting content for my favorite companies, and I always make sure my personality and enthusiasm shines through in all of my posts.

Over the summer, I repped for The Pinkish Flamingo, a southern company created by college students. This was my first real exposure to working with a brand, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I received a coupon code for 30% off. This company was just starting up, and I am thankful that I had the opportunity to help spread the word about their mission. Unfortunately, they are on a break as they are busy college students, but I hope to see them make a return shortly since I enjoyed working with them. During the summer, I also received a coupon code from Sand Cloud, which is linked under the discount codes section of my blog.

As first semester began in September, I applied for several other brand representative positions. One of my tips for applying to brand rep positions is to look for them early in the semester. I applied for both Peachy Pendants' and Southern Girl Prep's programs in early September, and was fortunate enough to receive the positions for both. I have had the best experience repping with all of the companies I worked with but especially these two. Southern Girl Prep has always been one of my favorite companies and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with them. In October, I also became a rep for Jacob Wallace Designs, an Etsy company run by Rebecca Wallace. Rebecca is one of the sweetest people and beyond talented. She makes the most beautiful Lilly Pulitzer stockings along with a variety of other options. I also received a coupon code and a Lilly Pulitzer stocking, which I am obsessed with, to post photos of on my blog and Instagram.

As far as tips go, definitely apply because it's worth the risk. Some of the programs I applied to I never thought I would get chosen for but was happily surprised in the long run. Post high-quality content in fun settings, such as at the beach or with your friends at a football game. As long as you let your happy personality and passion for the brand shine through, there is a good chance you could be selected for a future brand rep program. Even if you do not own any of the brand's products, they still may select you as a rep if you are posting high-quality content. I only have positive things to say about the brands I have worked with, and if there is a brand you have your heart set on working with, reach out to them! You never know what may happen.


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