Sunday, January 21, 2018

Fashion Photography Tips and Tricks

If you're a blogger or someone who simply loves taking photos of your outfits, then you are probably aware of the struggle that is fashion photography. Despite what most people may believe, the process of taking perfect pictures is actually quite lengthy and time-consuming. A good quality photo depends on the weather, temperature, lighting, photographer, device and the amount of time you have to dedicate to photoshoots. Since there are many elements of fashion photography worth taking into consideration, I am sharing some of the tips and tricks I have collected in the past several months while shooting photos. 

Firstly, have someone with a keen eye for fashion and photography take your photos for you. The person who takes your photos doesn't necessarily have to be a professional photographer or a fashion major, just someone who is capable of taking high-quality photos that highlight the outfit's details. Personally, I have my friend Liz take the majority of my photos for me because she is a skilled photographer as well as an art major with an eye for detail. She is aware of the little details that go into arranging the perfect photo and the elements of an outfit that make it pop, which is exactly why my feed always looks incredible when she is the one who has been taking the photos. These two are my favorites! 

It is also important to choose an area with good lighting. I have noticed that an hour or two before sunset is the best time to take photos because the sun isn't blinding but it is bright enough to capture a well-lit photo. Basically, any time during the day should work in your favor for lighting. Choosing an area by the water or somewhere like a park with a lot of color will also work in your favor because it will reflect the colors. Also, do not be afraid to bring sunglasses to your photoshoots. I tend to have sensitive eyes and a cute pair of sunglasses can add a nice aesthetic to my photos while protecting my eyes from the light! 

Certain outfits also show up better than others. Outfits with bright colors (like anything Lilly Pulitzer) usually show up the best in photos. If you are taking photos in a bleak environment, then I would definitely recommend wearing something bright in this location. However, if you are already in a landscape aglow with light and color, then wearing something more discrete may also show up nicely in your photos. For example, these photos showed up nicely since I am wearing navy but the background is bright green. 

The device you use does matter. Yes, iPhones do take incredible photos, especially if you have an iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 8 Plus with the portrait mode, however, cameras still take the best photos. My Canon Rebel T5 is the most reliable device that I own and it takes amazing photos. Certainly you can continue using an iPhone if that works best for you, but in my experience, my outfit photos always come out better when I am using my camera. 

Do not be afraid to use filters on some of your photos. I have taken some outfit photos where I loved the pose I was doing or the outfit I was wearing, but the lighting wasn't great. Apps like Camera + or vsco can instantly brighten up any photo, even the ones we thought were long gone and unusable. Certain apps like Camera + offer features that can brighten the photo depending on the location or the type of lighting issue the photo is experiencing. 

This leads me into poses. Generally, I am an awkward photo taker. I do not know how to pose, and I usually need someone to position me in my blog photos. However, I am working on it and there are certain poses, like putting your hands in your pockets or crossing your legs that make the photos look less awkward and the viewer can just focus on the outfit you are wearing. I also really like photos where I look to the side because less focus is placed on my face and more is directed towards my outfit. 

Taking as many photos as possible is also a good idea. Do not be afraid to try out different poses or locations even if you are unsure of them. Some of my favorites photos are the ones I thought I would end up disliking. Besides for full-length shots, take some photos of your accessories. Accessory photos can really highlight an aspect of your outfit that could have been missed by a first glance. 

Most importantly, do outfit changes. This is a tip I really need to take into more consideration when taking photos. Sometimes it may be easier to take all of your photos at once in a variety of different outfits. This way, you do not have to take photos multiple times during the week, especially if you rely on someone else to take them for you like I do. During the winter is the best time to do this because you can layer up and simply remove the layers to capture different looks. 

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any fashion photography tips and tricks of your own, feel free to mention them in the comments! 


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