Thursday, January 18, 2018

Fashion Magazines You Need to Read

As an aspiring writer and an avid reader, there's nothing I love more than reading articles and magazines about topics pertaining to fashion. In fact, reading these types of posts or written works are a part of my daily routine! Since fashion is such a fast-paced industry that is constantly changing, staying up-to-date on the latest trends and styles is a must. By reading up on fashion news, you'll be aware of current fashion events and acquire newfound knowledge.

Down below, I have linked several of my favorite news sites that focus on fashion and why you should read them! 
Glamour has always been an all-time favorite magazine of mine. The magazine produces solid articles on a variety of topics that range from fashion to culture. The fashion articles usually catch my eye, especially the latest article on stylish outfits to wear to work during the winter, which you can read here
Another one of my personal favorite magazines. This magazine  also produces a variety of content that ranges that touches upon fashion as well as controversial issues in society such as body image. Currently, I enjoy reading about the latest awards shows and what the celebrities wore, which you can read about here

Elle is also among the top fashion magazines. Similar to the previous two magazines that I mentioned, Elle produces content about fashion as well as love and cultural issues. As a Selena Gomez fan, I loved their latest article about her new line with Puma, which you can read about here

I read mostly read Vogue to catch up on the latest runway fashion. I find runway fashion invigorating to watch and learn about and this is definitely the place to do so! I'm currently obsessed with the upcoming Spring 2018 looks, which you can read about here

I currently intern with this magazine, however, I have been a fan of it prior to working with them! Cliché produces articles on fashion, beauty and entertainment topics. I currently write for the fashion section, and you can read about one of my favorite winter collections here 

Recently, I discovered this site and I am obsessed! The Newsette is a daily newsletter about lifestyle and fashion topics. It's the perfect read while you're drinking your morning coffee or heading to school on the train or bus. With all the winter weather we've been having, read this article here about winter boots! Subscribe with my link

Women's Wear Daily
This is a journal dedicated to fashion, business, beauty and more. I use this site to read the latest on runway news as well as trending topics in fashion. You can read some of my favorites here and here. 

A magazine and website dedicated to fashion, lifestyle, beauty and celebrities. This magazine covers everything from Fashion Week to clothing trends of the day. Personally, I love reading the street style articles, which you can read here

Do you have any other fashion magazines you enjoy reading? Feel free to let me know in the comments! As always, thank you for reading!


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