Sunday, January 7, 2018

Current Favorites

Happy Sunday! Today on the blog I am sharing my current favorites. When a new month begins, one of my favorite activities is to browse the selection of fresh items available for purchase. Once the holidays are over, brands typically release new items to start off the year with. To locate these items, I start by browsing my favorite brands such as J.Crew, Jadelynn Brooke, and Lilly Pulitzer to see what items they are now offering. I also included several items that I have been loving lately despite their release date! 

Although Jack Rogers is known for their iconic sandals, their boots are just as stylish. I own a pair of rain boots from this brand and I absolutely love them. Lately, I am also a fan of their Peyton Booties and the Jack Rogers x Draper James Chloe Boot. 

I love the KJP jewelry, but I am currently obsessed with their clothing pieces. Their anchor sweater is such a classic piece and I would love to own this in the future. 

Turtlenecks are the perfect article of clothing for layering. Lately, I have been a fan of J.Crew's tissue turtlenecks, especially this striped one! 

When I came across this shirt on Shein, I just had to have it. I have always loved the classic prep look, and I am trying to purchase more options lately to fit this image. Also, this top can be dressed up or down rather easily!

Cute winter hats are perfect for this time of year, and they work well with just about any outfit. I have purchased so many this year that I am losing track already! Among my most favorites are the hats from Target! 

 These days, I am loving Lilly Pulitzer's winter clothing. Although I usually wear their clothing more during the summer, I think it would be fun to give it a try during the winter! Lilly has a variety of colorful winter items worth purchasing to keep your days bright and cheerful. 

The squad goals tees that Jadelynn Brooke released lately are absolutely adorable! My favorite one is the Vampire Diaries tee because I am obsessed with that show! 

This past year, I kept seeing this particular pair of earrings everywhere. After searching the website, I must admit they are adorable. I will definitely be purchasing these in the future to wear with all of my Lilly! 

Neck-tie scarves are a cute trend I noticed in 2017. They have become very popular, and most websites sell them now. J.Crew Factory sells some of my favorite ones for a decent price! I can't wait to style the ones I purchased recently! 

10. Capes
Capes and ponchos are another style I am loving lately. Since I always layer my clothing before going anywhere during the winter, capes are perfect for these types of outfits. Both stylish and warm, you cannot go wrong with a cute cape! 

Thank you for reading! Hopefully, you gained some inspiration for future purchased. 


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