Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Blogger Truths

Occasionally, people form the wrong conception about bloggers. I believe this is partly because the general masses of people do not understand blogging and why it has become such a huge part of social media. Blogs are a platform where people can voice their opinions, network, and express their creativity. To put blogging into simple terms, it is detailing an aspect of one's life which they deem important or have an interest in. This interest could be fashion, food, fitness, art, etc. Personally,  I have always had a strong interest in fashion and that is why I began my blog in the first place.

Lately, I have been seeing or hearing negative commentary about bloggers. Some people believe bloggers, particularly fashion bloggers, are only blogging to receive compliments and a large number of likes on their photos to promote their popularity. While the likes and the poularity do not hurt, this is NOT the reason people choose to blog. When I began my blog, I did so in hopes of forming connections with people with similar interests and the chance to express my love for fashion. I am not someone who generally enjoys posting photos of myself because it usually makes me self-conscious. As my taste in fashion increased, I wanted to share more photos of my outfits, but I knew my personal Instagram account was not the place to do this. I formed my blog so I had an outlet for myself to feel comfortable posting pictures of myself in my favorite outfits and the opportunity to write more frequentyly. Gaining likes and popularity is not something that ever crossed my mind and still remains at the bottom of my blogging goals. In fact, I worry less about the number of likes I receive on my blog Instagram account than I do on my personal account. Sure, gaining more followers and readers would be appreciated, but as long as I am producing content that I am proud of, that is all that matters to me at the end of the day.

Another misconception centers around blogger networking. I have read or heard from various people that bloggers are only marketing techniques that companies use to make money. As someone who has repped for several different brands, this is the farthest thing from the truth. All of the brands that I rep for or have repped for in the past are companies that I am passionate about and purchase from willingly. For example, Southern Girl Prep and Jadelynn Brooke hold brand rep programs each semester with bloggers and are two of the most genuine brands that I have ever encountered. Most people fail to realize that bloggers are not simply handed parternships, sponsporships, and rep positions. These opportunities are earned by the bloggers themselves through their passion for the brand or the brand's interest in working with the blogger because they fit a certain image. Bloggers do not begin their accounts for the sole purpose of becoming marketing ploys. Each and every blogger that I follow, even the huge accounts, started off as a person with a dream who just wanted to share their interest with other people. If they happen to earn compensation or recognition from their posts, and as long as they explicitly state that the post is sponspored, it is completely fair and honest. Although some bloggers may receive compensation, that does not mean their posts are not genuine. 

As an aspiring writer, blogging presented me with the opportunity to write as frequently as I desire. Everything that I have posted on my blog comes from the heart and is 100% genuine. Even if I do receive compensation for my posts one day, that will not prevent me from posting content that matters to me or refusing to post about something that I am not in favor of. Most importantly, blogging gave me the opportunity to become more involved in fashion since I am not a fashion major at my college. Ultimately, blogging combines my love for writing and my love for fashion, which is why I am writing this very post in defense of my side hustle. 

Thank you for reading! 


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