Sunday, December 10, 2017

How to Survive Finals

It's that time of year again...finals week. If you're anything like me, then you absolutely despise tests. However, there are some helpful tips and tricks to keep in mind while prepping for the test day(s). By creating a plan of action, you'll be more prepared and confident in your finals approach.

1. Plan Ahead
Planning ahead has always worked for me during finals week. If you are aware of several tests scheduled for the same day, try and space out the study materials over the course of a few days. Spacing out your work will make you less stressed before test day arrives.

2. Make Use of Weekends
This may sound lame, but make good use of your time over weekends to get ahead on homework assignments. During the weekend, you have the whole day free without interruption from clubs, sports, and classes. This time can be used to get ahead on final papers and study materials if used wisely.

3. Identify Your Study Technique
Everyone studies in different ways. Personally, I study best by writing out all the information that I need to memorize. I know people that study by reciting material aloud, re-reading material, and quizzing themselves with flash cards. Find the mechanism that works best for you and use that to ace your test.

4.  Review Sessions 
If your class offers a review session, take advantage of it. Review sessions are meant to help you study, and for some, this could be your ticket to understanding the information on your test. These sessions may recap information you missed earlier in the semester.

5. Create a Study Guide
Study guides are a great way to test your knowledge from the course of the semester. Not only do they test your knowledge while creating them but they can be used repetitively to understand information.

6. Take a Break 
Don't be afraid to take a break every once in a while. If you work yourself too hard, you'll get very stressed out. A short break every few hours will keep you right on track.

7. Eat Healthy 
During finals week, eating right makes all the difference. Eating a well-balanced meal will keep your energy up while taking tests.

8. Find a Quiet Place to Study
Although the library is usually the go-to spot, during finals week it gets busy. Seeking out a quieter spot either in a smaller academic building or an off-campus Starbucks is a better option.

9. Get Enough Sleep
This may be tough, but the night before an exam shouldn't be an extremely late night. The more sleep you get, the more well-rested you will feel to tackle your test.

10. Relax
Prepare as much as you can for your exams, but do not stress yourself out. As long as you made a conscious effort to prepare, you will do the best you can. Have faith in yourself!


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