Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Best of Blanket Scarves

Welcome back to my blog! it has most certainly been a while due to computer issues, but this is a post I have been dying to share with everyone. It's no surprise that I am obsessed with blanket scarves since I wear the one I post with on Instagram nearly everyday. Since the holidays are nearing, I thought it would be a great time to compile a list of my favorite blanket scarves and where to purchase them. Blanket scarves are cute, comfortable and can dress up any look! I love pairing them with my favorite dresses or jackets. I hope you find this post to be helpful in your next search for these cozy scarves!

1. Dress and Charm

This is where my infamous blanket scarf featured on my Instagram is from! it is my absolute favorite, and I wear it all the time. Right now, these blanket scarves are selling for $11.99, which is a killer deal since I believe I paid at least $17 for mine! Dress and Charm sells great quality items and their blanket scarves come in a variety of colors.

2. Kohl's

Kohl's is another prime spot for blanket scarves. Lauren Conrad has a line of stylish blanket scarves selling for $32.00 but with the sale currently going on right now they are only $15.99! Check out the burgundy scarf!

J.C. Penney is having major sales right now, and you can purchase a blanket scarf for only $10! There are 12 different colors ranging from shades of black to vibrant reds. Personally, I am loving the Red Multi Plaid. 

Okay, I know Walmart is not a traditional hotspot for clothing, but I must say they have cute blanket scarves for a decent price. Their tartan blanket scarf is only $10 and would look stylish paired with a variety of my outfits if I did not already own a similar scarf.

5. Etsy 
I don't have a link to any particular shops, but I do know I have seen blanket scarves surface on Etsy from time to time. Etsy sellers usually have decent prices and the quality of their products never disappoints. You can even get your scarf monogrammed with some shops! 

Although these blanket scarves are a bit more expensive than the previous ones I listed, they are just as cute and fun! I love all the different shades and patterns they come in, and there's definitely something for everyone. 

J.Crew has great selection of blanket scarves right in time for the holidays. Normally sold at $59.50, with the sale they are having you can purchase one for only $29.50!!! that's a major deal. Check out the black rich saffron scarf!!! 

8. H&M 

This is more of a traditional scarf, but I was completely in love with the pattern of their woven scarf. Plus, this scarf is selling for only $7.99! this is the cheapest scarf I have listed thus far and definitely one of my favorites. 

As always, thanks so much for reading. Happy blanket scarf hunting!


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