Sunday, October 29, 2017

Creative Costumes

Halloween is tomorrow, and I'm not quite sure how it snuck up on us like this, but here we are. For whatever reason this year, I completely forgot about Halloween until about last week. That's about when I started scrambling for costume ideas, but I've got you covered! Some of my friends and I dressed up this past weekend and I thought of some cute costumes to share with everyone.

Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to be Little Red Riding Hood. Maybe I loved the story, or maybe I just wanted the excuse to wear a cape, but whichever it was, I had to dress up as Little Red for Halloween this year. For a last minute costume, I think it turned out pretty well. My cape was only $15 from Party City and the dress, shoes and socks I wore were items I previously owned. Although you can buy a cape that includes a dress and other accessories, I prefer to make my own costumes because it is cheaper and more fun. This black dress is one of my personal favorites and I thought it looked cute with the cape! I have also seen girls wear red dresses or cream ones too. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on costume makeup, I recommend checking out Wal-Mart or Target. The red matte lipstick I wore was from Wal-Mart for around $3. Matte lipstick stays on much longer than regular lipstick and I didn't have to apply it again during the night. If you have an Icing store located in your local shopping mall, I recommend checking out their selection of accessories. I bought this choker there for less than $10 and it looked cute with my costume.

If you have a friend willing to dress up with you, a wolf costume is another cute idea, especially paired with Little Red. For this look, my friend wore a pair of leggings, a black top, and a flannel that she previously owned. This look is really simply if you already own a pair of either black pants or leggings, any black shirt and any flannel. She purchased the ears from Spirit Halloween, and although Spirit can be pricey, certain items like her wolf ears and tail
were relatively cheap. The fake blood is also from Spirit, but Wal-Mart or Target can easily suffice in this situation. Red lipstick can be used to create fake blood stains as another alternative. A friend of mine was a vampire and she used lipstick instead of fake blood to create wounds because she wanted the blood to be more subtle and not get all over everything. H&M and Forever 21 are good places to check for simple costume accessories like cat ears and masquerade masks. Both are only about $3 and are cute options as last minute costumes.

Kim Possible is a third option. For this look, my friend purchased a black top from Forever 21 and olive green pants from H&M. The top was only about $6 and the pants were about $12. The good thing about this look is that it is cheap but these clothing items are things she will wear again. The belt was purchased from Target and is another accessory she can wear again with a regular outfit if she chooses. Either heels, converse or boots look cute with this costume. My friend opted to wear a pair of suede boots, but it is entirely up to the owner of the costume. This look is especially good for a colder Halloween night because you can substitute the black top for a black jacket.

Since I love Grease, and my friend and I absolutely love anything pink, we decided to dress up as Pink Ladies too. The jacket was only $15 from Amazon and can be purchased from a variety of Halloween stores. When I went to Party City last weekend, they still had some in stock. The leggings, sunglasses, and shoes were all items I previously owned. This was such an easy and comfortable costume to wear with a friend if you are looking to dress up together. I wore a pair of my favorite running leggings and a black running top and paired it with my jacket. The jacket also included the cute neck scarf so it was a pretty good deal. In this picture, my sunglasses are actual Raybans, but I recommend wearing knock-offs to avoid losing or breaking expensive sunglasses on Halloween.

If you're really in a pinch for a costume, you can never go wrong with a referee shirt or a sports jersey of some type. Last year, I went as a referee and my friend was a hockey trophy. The referee shirt was actually a shirt I borrowed from my cousin, but from what I remember, she bought it at Party City for around $20. I wore a pair of socks and shoes I already owned because this look is pretty simple. I don't recall where my friend purchased her skirt and tights, but if you check out Claire's, they usually sell items like this. We printed out the NHL logos ourselves and taped it to our costumes to look more official!

I hope these costume ideas were helpful and everyone has a fun and safe Halloween this year. Whatever you wear, be creative!


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