Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Summer Beauty Tips and Tricks

Happy Tuesday! Today on the blog I am sharing several of my favorite beauty tips and tricks. These tips and tricks have made my life so much easier and I can't remember a time when I didn't use them in my daily life. Most of them are quick substitutes, so you don't have to throw off your usual routine to incorporate these minor changes into your lifestyle, I promise! Now, here comes my list!

1. Baking Soda Vs. Shampoo- Okay, I know this may sound crazy, but using baking soda instead of shampoo actually helps. Shampoo makes your hair more oily and can cause dry skin buildup, by ditching the shampoo for baking soda, you are doing your scalp a serious favor. I tested this theory for the past week and I can honestly say my hair has felt much cleaner!

2. Chapstick- Chapstick is a serious lifesaver. I use it more than my lipgloss or lipsticks these days, and I can't say I miss them much. I prefer the birthday cake flavor because it smells sweet just like any lipgloss would smell.

3. Let Your Hair Air-Dry- By letting your hair air-dry, you're applying less heat to it, which in turn makes it feel healthier. My hair also turns out less frizzy and pouffy when I let it dry naturally, another bonus.

4. Brown Eyeliner Vs. Black Eyeliner- If you're going for a more natural look, I definitely recommend using a brown eyeliner shade instead of black. More specifically, opt for a brown gel eyeliner instead of a liquid because it goes on smoother and can be smudged to look less intense.

5. Heat Protectant- Whenever you apply heat to your hair, you should use a heat protectant spray or cream first. My personal favorite is the heat protectant by CHI, it makes my hair smell nice and feel smooth before straightening or curling it.

6. Charcoal Face Scrub- Charcoal face scrubs are very popular these days and I have to agree that I'm a fan of them. I use the Bioré brand charcoal face scrub to wash away dirt and oil while also cleansing my skin the best.

7. Coconut Oil for Teeth Whitening- Using coconut oil as a tooth whitener is the best way to naturally whiten your teeth. By swishing it around in your mouth for only 5 minutes, you are removing layers of plaque that cause yellow teeth.

8. Tinted Moisturizer Vs. Foundation- I am a huge fan of foundation, but for the lazy days when I'm not going anywhere, I opt for a tinted moisturizer instead that is lighter on my skin. My favorite is the Maybelline brand because it supplies maximum coverage while keeping my skin fresh.

9. Neutrogena Sunscreen- This sunscreen is a must-have during the summer. Not only does it keep you protected from the sun, but it keeps your skin oil-free in the process!

10. Matte Vs. Shimmer Eyeshadow-Matte eyeshadow stays on longer and you won't get sparkles in your eyes. Enough said.

11. White, Mint, or Red Nail Polish- All three of these colors make you look tanner, at least in my opinion!

12. Beach Waves- To get heatless beach waves, braid your hair in two french or regular braids before you go to sleep. In the morning you'll have beachy waves! I also recommend using Not Your Mother's texturizing cream to maintain the waviness!

13. White Eyeliner- Use white eyeliner to brighten the color in your eyes, especially when using a darker top liner.

14. Blotting Sheets- Use blotting sheets to tame oily skin, Bioré work well but the Target brand is just as good!

15. Clear Mascara- Not only is clear mascara nice for days when you don't feel like applying clumpy, black mascara, it also works to tame flyaway hairs or keep your eyebrows in place!


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