Saturday, August 26, 2017

Shopping For Less

We all love shopping but that does not necessarily mean we have to break the bank every time we feel an urge to splurge. There are plenty of stores available to us that offer the same cute style for a much cheaper price so you can get more for your money. Today's post is all about where to shop to spend less money!

1. Marshalls- I absolutely love Marshalls. It is probably one of the best stores ever, seriously they have just about everything. With a wide range of brands and styles, you can't go wrong with this store and the prices are just as good. Sometimes, if you're really lucky, you can even find some Vineyard Vines or Lilly Pulitzer here as well! 

2. T.J. Maxx- A relative of Marshalls, I love this store equally as much. T.J. Maxx offers a similar array of clothing, accessories, and shoes all for great prices. This has been my go-to store this summer for cute tank tops! 

3. SheIn- A wholesale website that offers a variety of clothing in a variety of styles. Although wholesale websites typically have a bad reputation, I personally like SheIn. The clothes are cheap and most of the things I ordered thus far were good quality. They even have free shipping!

4. Romwe-A similar wholesale clothing website to SheIn, Romwe's prices are just as good. This store also offers a wide array of styles for a relatively lost cost and I will definitely be checking this one out soon! 

5. Forever 21- I don't shop here much anymore, but occasionally I can find some good pieces of clothing to pair with things. This store is always good for cheap tank tops, t shirts and skirts. Their accessories aren't bad either, I recently bought a tassel necklace for only $10. 

6. Talbots- Recently, I have been a huge fan of this store. There is an outlet near me and I bought some shirts and sweaters for as little as $4! Talbots has a ton of cute shirts, skirts, shoes, accessories and more. If you like preppy, dressy clothing then this is the store for you. 

7. GAP- I have always loved GAP. GAP sells the best array of neutral, basic clothing. Although I do love bold colors, this store never fails me with their striped shirts, shorts, and comfortable tees. I also love their scarves, I bought a few colorful ones from there recently for a good price. 

8. Target- Another store we all know and love, Target is the absolute best. Target is my go-to for shoes, shirts and bathing suits. I bought the cutest pair of gingham sneakers from here for only $5 this summer, definitely shop their merchandise if you have not before!

9. Hollister- Hollister always has a great sale section, in my opinion I would just skip the rest of the store and go straight to the sale rack because that is where you'll find the best deals. I've purchased skirts, dresses, shirts, tank tops and more for $20 or less from the sale rack and you never know what you'll find! 

10. Macy's- The Macy's in my local mall just added an outlet portion on the top level and I'm loving it. I bought the cutest pair of taupe lace-up wedges from the shoe department and they were only $30! The outlet portion of Macy's carries merchandise from a wide range of brands and there is always something cute to purchase. 

11. Kohl's- Kohl's has always had a great selection of shoes, jewelry, and shirts in my experience. I love buying wedges or heels from here because the prices are always spot on, and they always have the best statement and long necklaces for a huge jewelry lover like me. 

12. Old Navy- Old Navy is another spot that always has a ton of sales going on. Recently, I received several emails about special sales and discounts they are having, so I definitely recommend checking this store out too. I love their printed pants, shorts, plain tees, and vests in the winter! 

14. J.Crew Factory- The obvious one everyone is familiar with. Recently, J.Crew Factory has had several sales and extra discounts off of sale and women's clothing like dresses, so if I were you I'd definitely check this site out soon! 

15. Local Boutiques- Boutiques that sell Lilly Pulitzer, Vineyard Vines, Jack Rogers, etc. are often the best because they usually have good sales on certain items. This summer, I bought a pair of Lilly Pulitzer shorts for only $40 at a local boutique while they were having a sale!

16. Bob's- I'm not sure if everyone has a Bob's store near them since they are going out of business, but if you do, definitely check out the sales going on! A few days ago I bought a $7 pair of shorts and a $6 shirt! Also, check out their shoe department because they have such a wide variety.


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