Thursday, August 17, 2017

Interning as a Fashion Writer

This summer, I interned as a fashion writer for a virtual magazine called Cliché Magazine, and I absolutely loved it. Fashion has always been a passion of mine, and although I do not major in fashion, I would love to relate my career to it somehow in the near future. When a friend of mine recommended I apply for this particular internship, I knew I had to take advantage of the opportunity.

I applied fairly late in the application process, but luckily I was able to earn a position as a summer intern before the applications were closed. It was relatively easy to apply since all I had to do was go to the magazine's website and attach my resume, a cover letter, and my writing experience. The application also allowed me to link my blog and Instagram accounts because the magazine wanted to know if I had any social media experience as well, which I clearly do! I got accepted as an intern about two weeks later in May, and by the time school let out for the summer, I began receiving information from my editor about what the internship entails, writing guidelines, and my username and password to the magazine and blog I will be writing on.

Thus far, I have written 3 articles and 3 blog posts. For my first article that I wrote back in June, I worked with a swimsuit company by doing a Q&A with them and they provided me with high-res images to include within my article. I have also worked with Ann Taylor and Laura Laine in the past two months. The interview process for my articles is simple since this is an online magazine. I either conduct the interviews via email or telephone. I conducted a tentative list of questions to ask and then emailed them to the company's agents or asked them over the phone. Each company I have worked with thus far have been fairly kind and flexible with getting information back to me as fast as possible since I have deadlines to meet per week. Another perk of doing online work for the magazine was a flexible work schedule that allowed me to pursue a summer retail position.

Today, I read one of my first articles in Cliché Magazine's latest issue. It was truly amazing to witness something that I wrote in an actual magazine that tons of people will hopefully read! Hopefully I will be able to share my work on my social media accounts in the next few weeks once the issue is released to the public! I am thrilled to be continuing my internship this coming fall semester, and I definitely recommend applying to as many internships or writing positions as possible if it is something you are interested in pursuing. For me, my summer internship helped me combine both writing and fashion and I could not ask for anything more!


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