Monday, August 14, 2017

End of Summer Blue(berrie)s

We're about halfway through August and I can hardly believe it. It feels like just yesterday I was packing my dorm room up and moving back home, and now pretty soon I'll be gathering my belongings together to head back to my college campus for another school year. Despite the sadness I'm starting to feel in the pit of stomach that summer is ending, I am doing my absolute best to make the remaining days count. Today after work, I took a trip with my cousin to a local orchard to pick our own blueberries, admire the vibrant flowers, and visit with the adorable farm animals.

Bishop's Orchards, located in Guilford, CT is one of my favorite places to visit. Open year-round, Bishop's grows a variety of fruits you can hand pick on your own! Currently in season are blueberries, although apple picking is my top choice. Besides for fruit picking, there is also a market you can visit complete with more fresh produce, flowers, drinks, and baked goods made right on the premises. I may not be a fan of donuts, but the apple cider donuts sure do smell good! 

Fresh fruit and vegetables grown right at Bishop's!

A variety of yummy apples to choose from!

The citrus fruits looked colorful today but I didn't buy any this time. 

The famous apple cider donuts! a fall favorite for most. 

As I mentioned before, I decided to purchase blueberries today since they are fresh and in season. There is just something special about fresh fruit from local markets and orchards that makes it taste so delicious! I plan on using these blueberries in a vegan waffle recipe in the near future, I may even do a blog post about it soon too. 

Just little old me and my blueberries :) 

I couldn't resist walking through the greenhouse because I am obsessed with flowers. There were a multitude of vibrant, bold colored flowers and I just had to take a picture of every single one!

Blending in with the flowers!

Pink flowers have my heart. 

Purple is my second favorite color so I loved these just as much!

I really did take a picture of all the flowers, I wasn't kidding. 

I promise this is the last one haha. 

How cute is this little guy? he kept sticking his head through the fence. 

The goats had blocks to climb on and it was hilarious watching them. 

I don't know why, but this particular orchard has a ton of llamas?

What's an orchard without some chickens, right?



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