Thursday, August 24, 2017

Adirondack Summer Travel Guide

The end of summer may be nearing, but I still managed to take one last trip this past weekend with my family. We traveled to the Adirondacks, more specifically Old Forge, New York, for a retreat with nature from Thursday-Sunday. Since most people generally are not familiar with this quaint town and the surrounding areas, I figured a travel guide would be sufficient in case any of you find yourselves venturing to the Adirondacks in the near future! 

Lake Walks

The first thing I recommend doing is taking a walk by one of the lakes. There are several different ones, but First Lake is my absolute favorite because it is the busiest one with the most people. This lake allows you to use motorized jet skis and boats unlike some of the quieter lakes in the Adirondacks. On the day I arrived, I took some time to myself to take a walk by the lake, take photos, and just relax by the water. 
I took most of my photos for this post in the same day to avoid having to carry my camera around, so I am wearing the same outfit in most pictures haha. In this picture, I am wearing a Jadelynn Brooke tee that says "Take Me To The Lake," Nike running shorts, and Kendra Scott Elle earrings in white pearl. This is definitely not my dressiest ootd, but it was the most comfortable for chilling by the lake at least! 

Kayaking is something you definitely have to do if you visit the Adirondacks. It is the most efficient way to take in nature's beauty while getting exercise at the same time. My family and I always go to Tickner's Canoes because they offer the best quality kayaking experience. 

Take A Scenic Train Ride 
Scenic train rides are appropriate for all times of the year, but summer is when you get the best views and can sit with the train windows open to take in the fresh air. The train ride was only about 40 minutes or so and takes you on a scenic journey through the woods and near several lakes. I sat in one of the old fashioned train cars that had open windows so I could see everything and feel the cool breeze since the weather is on the cooler side in the Adirondacks. The train ride does not cost much and the station has a cute restaurant and gift shops you can stop in to buy souvenirs. 

Places To Eat 
The Lean-To is one of the best restaurants in my opinion. It is a small restaurant and bar attached to a cute inn by the lake. If it is a nice day, you can sit outside on picnic benches and eat your lunch or dinner with a view of the lake, the inn also has a cute dog named Maple Scout that runs around and is very affectionate. I ordered a Thai chicken wrap and it was absolutely delicious. The wrap was gluten free and the chicken was grilled in a Thai sauce with brown rice and black beans-perfect for someone who is obsessed with healthy eating like me! Other restaurants I enjoy dining in are Daiker's-another restaurant/bar with great food, Tony Harper's-a pizza/wing place (Although I do not eat either, I've heard it is popular) Keyes Pancake House- a diner-style breakfast restaurant, Walt's Diner- a diner, and Frankie's Taste of Italy- an Italian restaurant (They also have gluten-free options!). 

Places To Shop 
Let's be honest, shopping is one of the most fun parts about going on vacation. Luckily, Old Forge has a variety of quaint shops to choose from! I always enjoy going in the Life Is Good store for the cute merchandise and for a picture by the moose statue.

The Old Forge Hardware CO. is another great place to shop. With two floors, there is always something to purchase here. This store sells a variety of merchandise from cooking supplies to books, there is something for everyone. 

Another popular destination, Souvenir Village has a wide selection of items to choose from. As a child, I always enjoyed coming to this particular spot to purchase candy from the fill your own candy portion of the store near the register. Souvenir Village also has a variety of cute trinkets, jewelry, home decor, stuffed animals and clothing. 
As I stated earlier, I'm a healthy eater so candy is not something I am interested in eating these days. However, I needed to include the Candy Cottage in my list of places to shop because they have a wide selection of treats to choose from. Candy Cottage sells homemade fudge, popcorn, candied nuts, and other chocolate delights along with regular packaged sweets. If you have a major sweet tooth, this is the place for you! 

Cedar Mountain Mercantile is your destination for any and all wood carvings, home decor and seasonal decorations. My mom loves their wooden carved pumpkins and we use them as decorations inside our house around Halloween and Thanksgiving time every year. Regardless of whether you plan on purchasing something or not, this store is definitely worth walking into just to appreciate the craftsmanship of the merchandise. 

Swimming in Inlet 
Inlet is a town over from Old Forge and it has a great general swimming area. There are several life guards on-duty, so you will always feel safe swimming here. There is a giant dock to jump off of as well as smaller docks and a beach to wade into the water as you please. 

This is not the swimming area but another beautiful part of Inlet. Thanks so much for reading!


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