Monday, July 17, 2017

Why I Became "Preppy"

If you're currently reading this post, you're interested in learning why I decided to classify myself as "preppy." Whether you follow me on my Instagram account, or you're someone that knows me personally, you're probably wondering when I decided to adopt this classification. That's just the thing, I don't believe the preppy lifestyle was a choice for me, it was more of a category that my style just happened to fit under. Throughout the years, my style has remained relatively similar. Pink has always been my absolute favorite color, and anything classy and girly can most definitely be found in my wardrobe. Classy style runs in my family, my mother is an avid J.Crew and Ann Taylor shopper, so I suppose I can say I inherited my classy style from her at a young age.

Once it was time to attend high school, I chose an alternative experience than most of my peers. I attended a private high school where I had to wear a uniform everyday that consisted of a polo, plaid skirt, and knee socks. To some, this outfit may have been a complete nightmare, but for me, it felt completely comfortable. Sure it wasn't my first outfit choice, but I knew I liked the element of class that surrounded the stigma of being a private school girl. High school is also when my style began to blossom into more name brands. Lilly Pulitzer was the norm here, and it was rare to see a student who wasn't decked out in Vineyard Vines.

When I began college and started working, my love for preppy clothing only grew stronger. The college I attend is considered to be on the preppier side of the spectrum, which is completely fine by me. Just by walking around campus I encounter a variety of different styles, but the preppier students always catch my eye because I love to gain style inspiration from them. I also have more money to spend on preppy clothing now because I can afford it on my own, that was all the incentive I needed for a shopping spree.

Most importantly, I enjoy remaining natural while living in a society where it's nearly impossible to do so. By dressing preppy, I am at home and feel like the best version of myself. Although dressing preppy is often considered to be "basic," I don't believe this to be true. It is much easier to adopt other styles nowadays such as the trendy look for example, but other looks don't personally appeal to me. Although there is nothing wrong with other styles, and people should be free to dress as they please, the preppy look is forever classic and timeless to me.



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