Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Pink Prep Travels to London

Hey readers, its been a while! This is my first post since May, I apologize for not posting more frequently. I do have a good excuse, I have been traveling quite a bit. From May 28th-June 11th, I was in London for a school program. This post is dedicated to my London travels, so let's get started!

May 28th, 2017// This photo was taken on my first official day in London. Pictured above is Big Ben, Parliament, and a portion of the Thames River in Westminster. During my time in Westminster, I took a walking tour with my class, which is where I captured a majority of these touristy shots. Westminster is absolutely amazing and a prime location to visit in London! 

May 29th, 2017// This photo was taken during another trip to Westminster to view the London Eye. Although it was a cloudy day, the view was still just as breathtaking from the top. Below is a photo taken while riding the London Eye!

May 29th, 2017// The view from the London Eye, as previously stated.

May 30th, 2017// On this day, my friends and I took a trip to 23 Egerton Terrace in South Kensington to take pictures of the house used during the 1998 remake of The Parent Trip. This house was used in the London scene when Hallie disguised herself as Annie to visit her mother. Every bit as charming in person as the house pictured in the movie, this iconic house is definitely worth the visit.

June 1st, 2017// On June 1st, I took a trip to Buckingham Palace. The palace was beautiful from the outside, although I wish I could have taken a look inside of it. I enjoyed visiting the place the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge reside, even though I did not sneak a peek of them. The wrought iron gates are embellished with gold, which made for neat pictures.

June 1st-June 2nd, 2017// I was fortunate enough to obtain tickets to two Shakespeare plays at the Globe Theatre. On June 1st, I saw Twelfth Night with my English class, and on June 2nd, I saw Romeo and Juliet. Both of these plays were entirely captivating and put a modern twist on the traditional plays.

June 3rd, 2017// On June 3rd, my class took a walking tour of the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. We walked along the London Bridge, and I was able to capture this amazing shot of the Tower Bridge after completing the tour. 

June 3rd, 2017// The Tower of London, this picture was also taken on my walking tour of London. 

June 4th, 2017// Besides exploring London, my class also took several trips to neighboring areas in England as well. Pictured above is Kenilworth Castle, which is located in Warwickshire, England. This castle was constructed during the middle ages, and this location was home to the historic Siege of Kenilworth in 1266. 

June 4th, 2017// Another photo of Kenilworth Castle. 

June 4th, 2017// A garden within the Kenilworth Castle grounds. 

June 5th-June 7th, 2017// During these days, I travelled to Stratford, England. In Stratford, I took a tour of Shakespeare's Birthplace and other significant Shakespeare landmarks. I also watched Antony and Cleopatra and Julius Caesar at the Royal Shakespeare Company. Most importantly, I got afternoon tea at a place called the FourTeas. It was absolutely adorable, and the tea was delightful. 

June 8th, 2017// My class took a trip to Bath, England to see the Roman Baths. The Roman Baths are basically just a preserved bathing area for public bathing dating back to the 1800s. 

June 9th, 2017// On this day, my class took another trip to see Stonehenge. Stonehenge is located in Salisbury, England and is home to the world's most famous stone monuments. These monuments were constructed during the Neolithic period and is thought to be part of a sun-dial. 

June 10th, 2017// On June 10th, my class took our final trip to Portsmouth, England before heading back to London later that day. In Portsmouth, we went to several museums and even received some naval history. Pictured above is a giant boat used for tours. 

June 10th, 2017// Around noon, I travel1ed from Portsmouth to London for my final day here. I spent the day in Westminster and in South Kensington to capture some final scenery shots. 

June 11th, 2017// I headed to my next stop... Paris! I'll have a Paris blogpost coming soon. 



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