Monday, May 20, 2019

15 Pieces of Advice About Life After College

My new NYC life
As crazy as it sounds, I graduated from college exactly a year ago. Life moves extremely fast after graduation, and the shift into real adulthood can take some adjusting to. All of a sudden the school you called home for the past four years is just a fond memory. And not all of the relationships you created during your time in college will last. Everyone goes down a different path, and your life will shift. Some people have full-time jobs, some go to grad school and others will take a year off to travel or accomplish personal goals. But in my experience, this shift is a good thing and it should be celebrated. Contrary to the stereotypes, life after graduation doesn't have to suck. The reason you went to college in the first place was to educate yourself and pursue a career. You may have graduated, but that doesn't mean all of the fun stops. You will experience new places and new people that you would've never met if you didn't move on. This has been the most challenging yet rewarding year for me. I said goodbye to an internship I really loved, I started a grad school program and I recently accepted a new job in New York City. All of these changes helped me realize what's important and that I shouldn't have put so much pressure on myself. To alleviate some of the pressures for you, here are 15 pieces of advice about life after college.

Relationships Change 
As I mentioned above, not all of the relationships you make during college will stick with you but that's okay. Not everyone you meet is meant to stay in your life forever. Life after graduation proves who your real friends are. With this being said, be at peace with the people who may have wronged you or those you've grown apart from. There's no use in being negative and fostering bad energy. The people that genuinely care about you will make the time and effort to stay in contact with you and you should do the same for them. It gets difficult to make plans with college and high school friends after graduation but don't take these people for granted and reach out to them whenever you can. 

You May Not Land Your Dream Job Right Away 
I'm a grad student, so I can't fully attest to this, but from my friends' experiences searching for jobs, it's very difficult to land your dream job right away. Everything takes time, connections and experience. I'm not saying it's impossible. I do have a few friends who did land their dream jobs right out of college but I also have friends who have tried out a few different positions and that's okay too. It takes time to work your way up to the top of a job industry, and it takes time to figure out what job is meant for you. 

Save Money  
This one seems like a no-brainer, but life after college gets expensive, especially if you move to a big city. I love New York City, but it's very expensive. Save as much money as you possibly can while you're in undergrad and you'll be thankful when you have money to apply towards student loans, a new apartment or personal expenses. 

It's Okay to Make Mistakes 
It's okay if a job interview didn't go as planned, it's okay if you had a hard day at work and it's okay if you didn't call your mom when you said you will because you forgot. Learn from the mistakes you make and don't be too hard on yourself when you mess up once in a while. After all, we're only human and it takes time to figure out what you want after you graduate college. 

Parents Still Want to Be Involved in Your Life
I love my parents and of course, I want them to be a part of my life. However, I assumed that I would have full freedom after graduating from college and that I wouldn't want to be at home or call my mother as frequently as I do. This couldn't be farther from the truth. I think I see more of my parents now than I did while I was in undergrad. While I do have to remind my parents that I'm 22 and capable of handling things by myself, I do enjoy spending time with them and talking frequently with them. After being away for so long at school, your parents will miss you and want to spend time with you so go easy on them.

Shot in Tribeca for the first time!
Get Out of Your Comfort Zone or You'll Regret It 
 People are afraid to graduate from college because they're entering the unknown. College is easy and comfortable and starting a new job is anything but that. However, starting over is fresh and invigorating. I'm so thankful I chose to pursue a master's degree in a huge city with endless opportunities. Nothing good comes from staying in your comfort zone. 

Be Open to Meeting New People
I made more friends this year than I ever made in college or in previous phases of my life. I made so many amazing grad school friends, and I had the pleasure of meeting up with blogger friends this year too. You never know who you will meet after college and you should be open to making as many friends as possible. 

Identify Your Goals and Stick to Them 
Now that you're out of college, it's time to create a plan of action and work on achieving your goals. Identify a potential career goal for yourself or a next step and work on those. Only do things that are going to benefit you and your career aspirations. Meaningless drama, pointless relationships and waiting until the last minute to complete your assignments are things of the past. 

Take Advantage of New Opportunities 
I like to stay busy and I took on a lot of different opportunities this year from blogging events to fashion week events I covered as a journalist. Life can get stressful at times, but I recommend taking advantage of the different opportunities presented to you. Take a little time off after graduation to relax but then get right to it. Network with new people, attend events and take on an additional assignment for work. You won't regret it. 

Ask for Help If You Need it 
Taxes, insurance, and financial aid were never my strong points. It's okay to ask your parents, friends or other people close to you for advice and help when you need it. You aren't cut off from help just because you graduated from college. Plenty of people are still more than willing to help you succeed. 

Visiting the New York Botanical Gardens!
You're Young 
You're young and don't have to have everything figured out. It's okay if you don't know what you want to do. The first year or two after graduation are the years meant to experiment with different jobs and hobbies to see what works. Eventually, you will figure out what you're passionate about and what job works for you and your skills. 

Don't Play the Comparison Game 
Everyone is on a different journey after graduation. Whichever journey you choose is right for you, and it doesn't matter what other people think or what other people are doing. People only show their highlights on social media so don't let that convince you otherwise. 

Live a Healthier Lifestyle 
The stereotypical college kid is known for staying up late, drinking alcohol and eating fast food on the regular. While this doesn't apply to everyone, if it does apply, now is the time to start a new, healthy routine. Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet, get more hours of sleep and try to drink a few bottles of water a day. Your body will thank you. 

Work Hard At Your Current Job
It's easy to fall in the "I don't care" mindset if you're doing a job you're not particularly crazy about. However, if you do a good job and work hard your boss will notice and give you a good recommendation. 

Don't Visit Your Old College Every Week 
While it can be nice to visit the school you used to attend, don't be that person that goes back every week to party with your undergrad friends. You graduated and you have to act like you did. You're now a working professional, a graduate student or someone on a personal journey. Showing up at the same frat house or the local college bar every weekend and maintaining the same cycle of events you did in undergrad will only hold you back from achieving your full potential. 

Thanks for reading! I hope this post makes the transition a little easier. 

Monday, May 13, 2019

10 Trendy Swimsuits to Buy From Target

There are less than two weeks left until summer starts for me and I'm so excited! This is going to be my best summer yet. I have so many exciting plans that I can't wait to share on my blog soon but today we're focused on swimsuits. I wrote a blog post at the end of March linking Amazon swimsuits and it was one of my most popular blog and posts. The weather is finally starting to get warmer and swimsuits are clearly in demand, so I'm bringing you another post linking 10 trendy swimsuits to buy from Target. 

Personally, I only purchase affordable swimsuits. I don't like to spend a lot of money on swimwear because I usually spend several hours a week in my pool or at the beach and most items need to be thrown out after a season or two. Stores like Target offer trendy items at an affordable price. I recommend shopping for swimsuits as soon as possible because they sell out fast. The last time I went to my local Target the entire front part of the clothing section was swimwear, so if you have your eyes set on a specific swimsuit, now is the best time to buy it before it sells out! 

The one downside to Target swimwear is that most of the tops and bottoms are sold separately, so what I usually do is buy a top from Target and then a bottom from another store depending on the price. Walmart has equally good swimwear, if not better because they carry the Ocean Pacific brand and you can find simple bottoms there for under $10.

This season, I'm really into scalloped details, ruched material, and florals. Most of my Target swim picks include these elements but there's such a wide selection on the website and in stores so I encourage you to browse for even more cute options. 

As always, everything is linked down below for you to shop! 

Monday, May 6, 2019

10 Affordable White Dresses to Buy For Summer

Happy May! We're so close to summer now, and I can't wait to break out all the whites. I received a request yesterday to write a post about summer dresses and I immediately thought of white. I finish my second semester of grad school in less than a month, and I've been daydreaming of the days when I can break out a comfortable white dress without having to give my outfit much thought. I love how clean and simple white dresses are and how easy they are to accessorize. I usually go with gold accessories or a little color that will pop against the white background. I also love pairing white with a denim jacket or a darker colored jacket. No matter what style you identify with, white is a versatile staple that belongs in every closet. 

I combed through a few of my favorite websites like J.Crew Factory, H &M and Abercrombie to bring you summer style at an affordable price. I hate when I'm reading a blog post and I love the clothing included in the product collage only to find that the item is $100 or more. Expensive prices are not realistic for most of my followers and I'd much rather link items that are in everyone's budget!

I chose simple styles that you can wear to graduation or to a casual party with friends. I find that I get the most use out of simple items that I can style a variety of ways and wear to multiple functions. Since there aren't any colors, prints or details on these dresses, you can wear them all the time and people would hardly notice. 

As always, you can find all of these dresses linked down below to shop! 

Monday, April 29, 2019

10 Spring Accessory Trends You Need to Try

The weather is finally starting to reach consistent warm temperatures now, and I can actually bring myself to shop for spring and summer clothes without feeling ridiculous 🤣. As each new season emerges, I love identifying the new or reoccurring trends that follow along and make them my own. Fashion is a form of art and expression and I love how each person has the opportunity to create their own looks even if they are styling a piece of clothing that is owned by other people. One of my latest interests is adding a trendy twist to some of my favorite classic outfits. You will most likely never catch me wearing a snakeskin top or a neon green skirt but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy seeing them on other people or adding a subtle twist to my own looks! I've found the items included in this post on Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube (and in real life too) so I know they're popular among a wide variety of people. Check out some of my favorites! 
1. Straw Bags
I love the straw bag trend and I personally own four different ones (and I'm still planning on getting another, oops.) I noticed this trend explode on social media last spring, and it retained its popularity among bloggers this year too. My favorite is the round rattan straw bag which I've searched high and low for this year. I think it will look cute paired with summer dresses and sandals and I love how neutral all of these bags are. I linked all of my favorites including my $20 bag from Shein that I recently purchased! 

2. Hermés Sandal Dupes 
I love the look of these sandals but not the price. I love Hérmes just as much as the next person but the price is not reasonable for the majority of us. However, Steve Madden and Forever 21 have great dupes so you can get the style without breaking the bank. I own the Forever 21 pair and they were my favorite sandals last spring. I don't know why it took me so long to own a pair of brown sandals but they match with everything!

3. Hair Scarves
Hair scarves are not solely restricted to spring, but I love the floral and pastel ones the most so I've included them in my list. Hair scarves add a fun flair to the classic ponytail or braid and you can match them to your outfits. Some of them come with scrunchies attached, so they're easy to wear.

4. Chunky Gold Hoops 
I wasn't a fan of hoop earrings for the longest time because I always had this fear that my earlobes were going to rip while wearing them but I'm over that now. The chunky gold ones particularly appeal to me, and I've seen them frequently worn by bloggers on Instagram all season so I had to try out a pair for myself. Chunky hoops are a fun accessory to dress up a basic outfit or add a trendy piece to a formal one.

5. Hair Clips
If you've been following me on Instagram for a while now then you've probably seen me style pearl hair clips quite often. I love this feminine trend that simultaneously feels like a blast from the past. I found a pair on Amazon that only costs about $3 so they're a major steal!

6. Vince Camuto Wedges 
I don't own these yet, but they're definitely on my list. This is the most expensive item on my list, but I've occasionally seen them go on sale at places like DSW so I would recommend waiting to buy these. They are a steal compared to the original Chloé pair going for over $200. I love the floral details and the shade of brown these come in! 

7. Lace-up Espadrilles
I love the Soludos lace-up espadrilles but they're at least $100. This year, I found a dupe on Asos for only $48! I love the way Julia Engel styles these and I wanted my own pair to wear with my dresses or wide-leg jeans.

8. Pearl Purses 
I love these! They're so feminine and remind me of my childhood days when I would play dress-up. Most of the pearl purses are on the expensive side, but I found three options that are affordable and still make a great accessory for a fancy event or trendy twist on a classic outfit. 

9. Chunky Headbands
Headbands are one of my favorite accessories because they make me feel like Blair Waldorf. Chunky velvet and knotted headbands are in style this spring, and I'm here for this trend. Headbands easily add a classy touch to any outfit.

10. Oversized Earrings
Big earrings are a great statement piece of jewelry. You can wear them with anything from a turtleneck sweater to a low v-neck tank top, and they'll look cute with both tops. Some of my favorites are the flower earrings I frequently wear in my Instagram photos, tortoise shell hoops and hoops with pearls.

Thanks so much for reading! 

Monday, April 22, 2019

A Letter to Graduating Seniors

Senior formal last year with my bff! 
Around this time last year, I was preparing myself to graduate from college and enter adulthood. Suddenly, the four years I had spent studying and anticipating this moment arrived out of nowhere. It's a bittersweet feeling. On the one hand, I was happy to finish up my undergraduate studies and leave my dorm, drama and early classes behind, but on the other hand, I was comfortable in my routine and I knew I would miss seeing my friends every day. There's also a lot of things to stress about during this time that contributed to the uncertainty I felt. I had to plan for senior week and senior formal, pack up my dorm room, hand in final assignments, find a dress for my graduation ceremony and so on. I think I got so wrapped up in all of the little tasks I had to finish that I didn't take the time to stop and appreciate what I had while I still had it. If you're graduating this year, whether it's from high school or college, I invite you to take a moment and reflect on where you are right now in life and how thankful you are for the people and opportunities around you. And here are a few things to keep in mind while you're still present in the moment at your current school. 

Don't Let Finals Consume You
During high school and college, I was a perfectionist. I would wake up super early to study and stay awake as late as I needed to until I knew the material by heart. I spent the majority of my free time on the weekends getting ahead on assignments and I occasionally turned down plans if I felt too overwhelmed with work. Finals week only heightened my stress and perfectionist study methods. I know finals are stressful and time-consuming, but don't let tests or papers ruin the end of your senior year. Make plans with your friends and spend time outside on your campus while you still can. 

No Drama About Dances 
I've noticed that anytime a dance or formal is involved, there's drama. There's drama over who's wearing which dress to prom and who's sitting with who at formal. Be thankful for your friends and be willing to compromise. Dances and formals are supposed to be fun and not stressful. Don't get so consumed in what you're wearing or who you're taking pictures with that you forget to enjoy yourself. Trust me, these are some of the last chances you will have to attend a dance like this with all of your friends at once. 

Experience Your College Town
I'll be honest, I spent the majority of my senior year hating the town my college is in. I found it boring and there wasn't much to do that interested me. I did go to school on a beautiful campus in the Hudson Valley though and there were plenty of restaurants, hiking trails and little shops to check out once I actually gave it a chance. I'm definitely a city person but looking back, I wish I had appreciated it a little more because it was the last time I lived in a relaxed atmosphere. Even if your college town isn't your ideal setting, just remember that it's only four years and it is what you make of it. 

Spend As Much Time With Friends As Possible 
This will be the last time you will be living with all of your friends (unless you all happen to move in together after graduation, which is highly unlikely from my experience). This will be the last time you can show up at their dorm or apartment spur of the moment to watch a movie, have a sleepover or go out to a party together. Life gets hectic after graduation, and everyone is pulled in different directions so take every possible opportunity to spend these last few weeks with the people you're closest with. 

Thank Your Favorite Teachers/Professors
During my college experience, I had a few great professors that really stood out to me and made a difference in my life. Thank these people for all the help and guidance they provided you during your four years and stay in touch with them from time to time if you can. They're still willing to help you even after you graduate. 

You Will Find a Job
Finding a job is the most stressful thing about graduating. I had committed to a grad school before school ended so I had my plans in place but most of my peers were still job searching. Finding a job can be extremely challenging but the right position will eventually fall into place. 

Get Rid of Unnecessary Junk 
I was a pack rat during college. I brought over 13 pairs of shoes to college, more than four bins of clothing and countless amounts of accessories and dorm decorations. By the end of my four years, I realized there was no way I could take all of it home with me. Get rid of what you don't need! If you've had the same rug, bedding and shower mat for the past four years, chances are you will not need them after college. Recycle old papers and notebooks, donate old clothes and either throw out or give away old decorations that you will no longer use. 

Be at Peace With Yourself 
I never let things go. If I did something that made myself look stupid I will hold it over my head for months instead of accepting that I'm only human and we all make mistakes. It's okay if you tripped in the dining hall in front of the entire hockey team (Yes, I really did this 🤣), it's okay if you forgot the words to your project presentation in front of the whole class and it's okay if some friendships didn't work out. 

Let Go Of Toxic People 
I can't stress this tip enough. There are some people you meet with during high school or college that aren't meant to transition into the next phase of life. People that cause drama, degrade you, or have no personality... leave them in the past where they belong. 

Take Chances 
Do something you've never done before in your last few weeks. Try out a new restaurant you meant to go to all year, attend a party even if it scares you, tell the boy you've been crushing on that you like him. Get out of your comfort zone and take risks before graduating and living with regrets! 

My grad cap! 
If you're stressing right now, I promise you that everything is going to be okay. It may feel like the end right now, but better things and new adventures are right around the corner. This post isn't so much a letter as it is a listicle of tips, but I hope they are helpful to those graduating soon! Good luck and feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns about graduating and life afterward. 

Monday, April 15, 2019

5 Last-Minute Easter Dresses

I can't believe it's already the middle of April, and Easter is next weekend! Time escaped me this year and spring seems to be flying by. I've counted down the days until my April spring break for a while now and then it dawned on me that Easter is coming up soon too. Easter is one of my favorite holidays, but I don't have my dress yet and most likely will not have time to go shopping for one until later in the week. That hasn't stopped me from browsing for one, though! I've narrowed it down to my top five based on my current color scheme, blush pink. Blush pink is perfect for spring and Easter and I'll take any excuse to buy a new dress and style it for a special occasion. Plus, you can find all of these dresses in stock at your local mall or online. 

Although I've switched over to more neutral shades lately, I love a few simple prints like gingham and light floral prints. I went through a phase in high school where I would wear floral print all the time and my "shopping sprees" consisted of going to Forever 21 and buying a handful of floral print tank tops. After that, I couldn't stand florals for the longest time. I'm happy to say I'm over that now and ready to welcome florals back into my wardrobe! I'm also really inspired by blush pink anything lately. I think this shade of pink is the most flattering of all pinks and looks pretty on everyone. I'm leaning towards the LOFT dress with the ruffles, but I also have a Gal Meets Glam dress I'm just dying to photograph. 

Regardless of what I wear, I'm really excited to get dressed up and go out to eat with my family on Easter. This is the one holiday my family doesn't stay at home for and we go out to a fancy restaurant together instead. I also have plans with my cousin to color Easter eggs which is a tradition in my family. Andddd not to mention finally getting a week off for spring break and then returning with less than a month left of school! 

All of these dresses are linked down below for you to shop! I hope everyone has the best Easter. 

Monday, April 1, 2019

Why Blush Pink is My New Favorite Color And 10 Blush Items to Buy Now

Now that it's spring, I've worn blush pink on repeat. I'm into a neutral color scheme lately, and I love femme outfits that incorporate soft shades of pink. If you follow me on Instagram all of my latest outfits incorporate blush in some shape or form. Pink is my favorite color and always has been but transitioning into blush is new to me. I used to be a huge fan of hot pink and bright colors but lately, I've adopted a more sophisticated, mature look. I think we all reach that point in time where we've outgrown some of the clothing pieces or styles we used to wear and I've definitely experienced that this year. Now that I'm in grad school and plan to work soon in New York City, it's more practical for me to adopt a simple wardrobe that I can wear to professional occasions, with a little flair of course. 
I've seen bloggers I follow go through complete style transformations and while I'm not planning on completely altering my wardrobe, I am planning to shift to more simple styles and basic pieces that I can style effortlessly. No, I don't plan on wearing only black and white. I still love color, but I don't see myself wearing vibrant Lilly Pulitzer prints or preppy t-shirts like I have in the past. I'm very into Julia Engel's girly style and I like classic pieces that look sophisticated so this is where I envision my style going. 

Wearing blush allows me to stick to my pink roots but in a more versatile, relaxed manner. When I think of femininity, I immediately associate it with lighter shades of pink. Originally, I thought I was going to have a hard time letting go of my bright pink clothing or find lighter items that I liked enough to wear on a daily basis, but neither of these things happened. I'm slowly beginning to donate or sell clothing pieces that no longer inspire me, and I spend hours upon hours scrolling through Pinterest (But who doesn't?!) for new outfits to put together incorporating this color. I also didn't realize how much blush pink I already owned! My favorite trench coat from Amazon is actually blush pink, and I've owned it for at least two years. 

Blush is the perfect shade of pink to wear all year. I love pink, but I usually wear it more frequently during the summer. Blush, however, is easy to style all year long and I can see myself incorporating more lighter shades of pink in the fall and winter now too. I recently purchased a scarf from LOFT, and I've styled it non-stop through the end of the winter season this year! I also love how blush looks with my accessories like the pearl hair clips from Amazon and my KJP jewelry. 

All of my recent blush picks are linked down below for you to shop! 

Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Importance of Creating Authentic Content and Why I Want to Improve Mine

Unrelated photos but I wanted to use them in a post 🤣
Lately, I've noticed bloggers emphasizing how important it is to create authentic content, and I really appreciate this. Some are even going to the full extent of deleting spam followers regardless of dropping their following numbers. This got me thinking about the quality of my own content, especially after doing two back-to-back sponsored posts. I realized that my posts lack quality lately.  I've thought about this for a while now but it was easy to continue my downward spiral of neglecting my actual blog and focus on my social media accounts, but I miss the simplicity of sitting down at my desk and writing a blog post. I could come up with excuses as to why I haven't posted much on the blog in the past few months and believe me, there are reasons. I'm stressed with grad school. I write three-four articles per week for my classes, pitch stories, and do research assignments, so by the time the weekend rolls around the last thing I feel like doing is writing ANOTHER article. I'm beyond exhausted from traveling all over New York City on assignment. I'm somewhat unmotivated to write blog posts and would rather do something mindless like edit photos for my Instagram instead of take the time to put the thoughts swirling around in my head into tangible words. But writing was always therapeutic for me and I miss that. I miss brainstorming ideas and getting excited about writing them. It wasn't until Instagram recently shut down last week that it truly hit me. Say social media depletes forever in the next 24 hours, what would I do? What would I have left to show all my hard work from the past two years? I wouldn't have much, and that didn't sit well with me so it got me into thinking about why I started blogging in the first place and the new direction I want to go in.

Flashback to when I started this blog over two years ago after careful consideration about what I wanted to do with my career after I graduate from college. Everything always led me back to fashion. I didn't major in fashion in college, and I didn't have room in my schedule to add an additional minor. In a perfect world, I would've majored in journalism and public relations (which I did) and have a minor in fashion merchandising. I did end up taking a few fashion electives, and I loved them, so I'm thankful that I was able to do that. But I wanted more. I wanted a deeper connection to the fashion industry and a place where I could just talk about clothing allll day long.

My blog also has helped me out of difficult times in my life. I've touched upon this briefly in past posts but I struggled a lot during my time in college. My school was small and cliquey, and I never felt like I truly belonged. I wasn't into partying much, and I found going out exhausting. My blog was a fun, creative outlet for me to channel my time into on the weekends, especially once I included my best friend in the process and she took all of my photos for me. Anytime I was struggling with the college workload, drama in my friend group and later on as I finalized my plans for life after graduation, the blog was always there for me and something I looked forward to doing every day. And, for the record, I still look forward to doing this every day.

But I want to produce quality content. I don't want to be an influencer. I want to be a blogger who inspires the people around me. I don't want the sole focus of my presence on social media to be promoting products and asking people to purchase them through my affiliate links. I don't want to just upload a quick photo on Instagram and then disappear for the rest of the night (I'm working on this, I promise). I want to produce content that matters to people. If I'm going to be referred to as "the girl with the blog," I at least want a blog to be proud of with content that will inspire or help someone in need of advice. It's so easy for me to get caught up in the likes on Instagram or the follower count on Twitter but none of that matters if the content I'm producing is trash. And this is exactly what's been happening for the past few months. Studying in New York City only heightens my desire to make it big in the fashion blogging realm. I'm surrounded by successful bloggers every day and to be completely honest, I want the glamorous blogger life too. I want to have a big following and attend multiple New York Fashion Week shows and get sent on destination trips just as much as the next person, regardless of how unrealistic that is. But none of this matters if I don't have an actual blog to be proud of and an authentic voice to share with people. So I'm trying to get my voice back and make it known to my readers, if there are any out there. I'm capable of writing more than fluff, promotional pieces because I write news articles every week for a living so why not hold my blog to the same standard?

It's easy to get uninspired and lose touch with blogging. And it's easy to experience intrusive thoughts about constantly growing a large following on social media to finally "make it" and reach a certain threshold to pursue blogging as a full-time career. But what I need to remember is that blogging is my creative outlet and it's supposed to be fun. If blogging becomes stressful and draining, then I'm failing not only myself but the people who do follow my content. To summarize this ongoing narrative, my creative outlet sometimes lacks depth, but we're going to get back on track. Because if my writing doesn't have emotion and authenticity, then it has nothing.

Thanks for reading my jumbled thoughts! If you're interested in this outfit, it's linked down below. Much love! 

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Unique Classic Timepieces: A Stylish Watch With a Wooden Flair

Jord watches are elegant, timeless and unique because they're made out of wood! This watch is breathtaking and completely different from other accessories I've previously owned. Jord's style is completely its own and that's what I love about the company. I now have a piece that stands out when paired with my outfits and its not a mainstream item you can find in just any store. When I choose jewelry, I look for quality items and my new Jord watch is exactly that. The pink face is complete with diamond detailing and the wooden strap has a rose gold clasp, which is both trendy and classy at the same time. My Jord watch is easy to style because it looks beautiful with all of my clothing but here are a few ways to style it! 

Skirt and Sweater 
I immediately wanted to wear my new Jord watch with this outfit because the pinks compliment each other. Jord has a wide-selection of watches on its website but I'm a huge fan of pink and when I saw this watch I new I had to have it! I love how the pink stands out on my arm and the strap is a neutral brown so it will pair nicely with any outfit, whether it's pink or not! 

Dresses are my favorite thing to wear and I love pairing them with accessories like my Jord watch! I love that this watch is simple, but elegant so I can style it many different ways. I can wear it with a casual outfit like with a sweater or I can easily dress up any look by wearing a dress paired and Jord watch combination. The pink watch face is also perfect for the upcoming spring and summer months to brighten up my wardrobe and looks! 

Jeans and an Oxford
I love classic fashion like oxford tops and a simple pair of high-waisted jeans but accessories like my Jord watch will make even the most casual outfits stand out. The pop of pink and diamond detailing on the watch face add a classy flair and easily dress up this look for all occasions! Pink is my favorite color and I found other accessories to match my watch with! 

Tank Top and Shorts 
I'm most excited to wear my Jord watch during the spring and summer because I chose a pink face. the bright pop of pink color is great for both of these seasons becasue I can dress up casual outfits with a stylish accessory that I know will last me years and years because of the great quality. 

My Favorite Jord Features: 
-Wooden strap
-Rose-gold clasp
-Pink face with diamond detailing (you can choose from many other color selections)
-Personalization option
-Packaging (comes in a wooden box with cleaning supplies)
-Specific sizing
-Elegant style
-Matches everything
-Free shipping and returns
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Monday, March 11, 2019

Spring Style with MVMT Watch and Sunglasses For Her

Happy Monday! The clocks officially sprang ahead, and we're getting closer and closer to spring. During spring, I love to break out pastels like blush pink and neutral accessories such as pearl necklaces, tortoise shell sunglasses and peach watches. I'm a hugeeee accessories person and no outfit is complete without a few statement pieces in my opinion! Recently, I've been on the hunt for new items to pair with my spring wardrobe as I transition to lighter colors and I've finally found some from MVMT.
                     I love the girly, femme look inspired by my favorite blogger Julia Engel. I immediately thought of her when I found this sweater at LOFT recently and I just had to have it. I also paired it with my favorite pair of raw-hem jeans from J.Crew Factory, which are a little different from what I usually wear but a fun style to experiment with! When I posted a photo in this outfit on my Instagram recently, most of the comments were about the earrings I'm wearing. They're actually from Targetand I love them! I can't wait to style them with more spring outfits in the near future. 

But the best part about this outfit are my MVMT for her accessories! I'm styling the Boulevard Rodeo rose gold watch with the peach strap and the Legend sunglasses in the brown tortoise shell pattern. I'm in love with both of these accessories! They're perfect for spring, and I'm a huge lover of pink so I know I'll be using my watch quite a bit with all of my outfits for the warmer weather we're hopefully going to experience soon! 

*Post sponsored by MVMT. All opinions are my own. 

Shop this post down below! Special thanks to MVMT for sending me sunglasses and a watch 💗